Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I LOVE NAIL POLISH -A nice chianti & Silver Spoons

As many of you might have seen the previous post, I started showing you some beautiful glitter toppers from  NP. Today I'll show you A nice chianti and Silver Spoons over different base colours. The first one, A nice chianti  is a purple glitter mix in a clear base. I only applied a layer 
of it and I'm happy with the resullt.

The next one is Silver Spoons, a silver glitter in different shapes and dimensions. I applied two coats of it over both a grey and a blue base colour. Which one do you like the most?

You can find out more about this brand on their facebook page. The polishes can be purchased at their etsy store.The shipping is reasonable shipping as well.


Tamit24 said...

grey combo is best one for me! ;)
These bottles are so cute. <3

Mădălina said...

My fav is Silver Spoons on grey polish. Looks so great on your nails.

Carla said...

Foarte frumoase combinatiile :*

Lou is Perfectly Polished said...

Silver spoons looks great over both grey and blue. Very pretty :)

Unknown said...

Love Silver Spoons over gray!

JQ said...

:p Sorry couldn't help it. Saw "A Nice Chianti" on my blogroll and my brain squeaked.

Soooo anyways, I really like Silver Spoons over the blue! Thanks for showing them.

bydee-make-up said...

Amazing! Just amazing! :D

Unknown said...
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