Friday, 30 March 2018

Melkior Pink Touch

Melkior a lansat de curand un kit de manichiura Pink Touch, care vrea sa le aminteasca femeilor un lucru extrem de important: autoexaminarea lunara a sanilor. Astfel, Pink Touch este mai mult decat o manichiura. Este un simbol, un intreg ritual de frumusete care ne aminteste ca autopalparea sanilor si controalele medicale periodice ar trebui sa fie o preocupare de-a noastra, asa cum este manichiura. Depistarea precoce a cancerului de san creste semnificativ rata de supravietuire si consultul mamar, mamografia si ecografia ne vin in ajutor. 

Cum se palpeaza corect sanii?
Avem nevoie de trei degete: aratator, mijlociu si inelar. Recomandarea Melkior pentru aceasta manichiura este sa aplicam fundita roz pe aceste trei deegte pentru a nu uita acest aspect. Dupa varsta de 20 de ani, fiecare femeie ar trebui sa isi palpeze lunar sanii. Momentul optim este din ziua 5 pana in ziua 7 dupa inceputul menstruatiei. Femeile la menopauza pot efectua autopalparea in orice zi. Sanii se palpeaza cu pulpa celor trei degete, la dus, cu ajutorul gelului de dus si cu bratul ridicat. Se palpeaza intreaga suprafata a sanului, pana in axila. Palparea se repeta si in pozitie culcata, cu un sul sub umeri. Trebuie acordata atentie oricarui nodul sau induratii. 

Pink Touch dovedeste ca esti o persoana responsabila si informata. Este un subiect de conversatie. Uneste femeile din intreaga lume si transmite un mesaj foarte important.
Am creat si eu o manichiura cu acest kit si am fost foarte multumita de ojele ce le contine. Sunt extrem de pigmentate dupa un singur strat si rezista bine pe unghii. Am aplicat la suprafata top coatul transparent. 
Va provoc pe toate sa realizati o manichiura roz si sa transmiteti mai departe acest mesaj!

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Check print nail art

Am I the only one who is completely in love with the check print lately? I am desperate after all those blazers, skirts, pants and even shoes. And seeing that Born Pretty has a stamping plate with check prints made me order it right away. 
For this manicure I started with a nude base colour and then I stamped the design from BPL-041 stamping plate using black stamping nail polish, also from Born Pretty. I finished with Seche Vite top coat. Pretty easy, right?
I intend to create more versions of this manicure and different types of check prints, so please don't hate me if you're going to see plenty of these.
Do you like them as much as I do?

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Carbon Coco - Natural teeth whitener REVIEW

Today I'll write about my experience with teeth whitening. A few months ago, I used Crest whitestreeps which did their job pretty well. They whitened my teeth at least two or three tones but, of course, I needed something to maintain the colour. I heard a lot about natural teeth whitening with activated charcoal so I decided to give it a try. I chose the Ultimate Carbon Kit from Carbon Coco, that contains a jar of activated charcoal powder, a toothpaste with activated charcoal and a toothbrush for applying the two. There are also other kits on their website and they offer free international shipping. It is recommended that you use it at least two weeks for visible results.  

The first step is applying the charcoal powder on the teeth and brushing it for three minutes. The powder has a neutral taste. You have to be careful with this one because the black powder spreads everywhere. Then you rinse it off and move to step two.

Step two is brushing your teeth with the charcoal toothpaste. This one has a pleasant mint taste. You'll have to use it for another three minutes. Then you rinse it off and you're done.

I've used it once a day for two weeks and I still have 3/4 of the toothpaste and the jar of powder is almost full. You need a very small quantity of the powder for all the teeth so I think that I'll be able to use it for a long period of time. 

And now you're probably curious if this really works. The pictures below are made after using the kit for two weeks. Both the before and the after pictures are took in the same lightning. You can see that there are good results. My teeth are a tone whiter. 
All in all, I'm satisfied with this product and I'd warmly recommend it to you. I think it's perfect to use for maintaining the teeth white after using the Crest whitestreeps, as this is a natural method that doesn't harm them at all. 
Before and after using the product

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Aztec nail art

Today I'll show you another easy manicure that takes little time to do. For this aztec or tribal nail art, I started with Essence - 67 Love me like you do as a base colour. This one became my favourite colour to wear on my nails lately, I think you've seen it a lot in my insta stories. After it dired, I applied some water decals from Born Pretty store. I applied different patterns from the same sheet and achieved this look. I sealed everything in using clear top coat and that was it. I told you it was easy! What do you think? 

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Friday, 9 March 2018

Accessorising black dresses

The little black dress is classic. We all wear it. Sometimes we choose a black dress when we want to be elegant, other times we just feel like wearing black without any other explanation and other times we just don't know what to wear so we choose it because we can never go wrong with black. But we don't wear it just like that - we make it even more special by accessorising it. And here I'm talking about chokers or necklaces, statement earrings, bags and shoes. I sometimes go for neutral accessories, other times I wear something very colourful with it. 
Anyway, the thing is that the same black dress can be worn in many ways and most of the times accessories make all the difference. But if you're like me, chances are that you have more black dresses with very little differences between them. And you're always looking for more. I was searching for more black dresses, of course, and found Yoins, an online store selling plenty of beautiful things at accessible prices. 
Firstly I'd like to show you some pretty women black dresses that I found. The first one is my favourite and what I like the most about it is its back.

Then I looked in the cathegory party bags for women and found some really cute small bags. They're perfect for parties or just for a night out and can make a simple outfit look outstanding. Lately, I look a lot at silver or metalic items and found that holographic bag (the third one) which looks quite interesting. 

No outfit is complete without women sexy shoes. I for one usually pick black shoes that go with anything, but I also love red shoes for a simple black dress. Those lace-up ones really caught my attention.
I'd love to know if you like the items I showed you and how you accessorise black dresses. Tell me in the comments section below!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

FashionMia cheap swimwear

I've told you about FashionMia before and I'll tell you again. They have some really pretty items in their online store. I've been looking for some bathing suits these days and found some that I liked on their website. I already have a lot but I'm obsessed with them, so I'll share some with you in case you are like me. 
I know, it's not summer yet, but I also found some one-pieces that are perfect for going to the pool. And they're also on sale so let's move on to some pictures with the cheap swimwear.

I also found the next two that I liked a lot. I've seen them a lot on Instagram and they're at a great price on FashionMia. The one with stripes is my favourite, just imagine how it will look on tanned skin!

I also started thinking about my spring warfrobe and found these cute skater dresses. This year, over-the-knee dresses are really a thing and I think they look elegant, too. Both of them make me think of Paris, I don't know why, but I'd feel like wandering the french streets when wearing them.
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