Thursday 28 February 2013

Cute skulls manicure

Today I'll show you a really cute and fun manicure. I did it using the Bowknot Skull Anchor plate (QA5) from Born Pretty. I wanted this one since I first saw it, and now it finally arrived to me. I started with two coats of American Apparel -L'esprit and then I stamped the designs using black, white and pink polishes. I finished with a clear top coat and this is the result. What do you think?

Click on the bellow picture to zoom in for the other beautiful designs on this plate.

I totally love it and its price - $2,99. Don't forget that Born Pretty offers free international shipping. Also, use cupon code ASJ61 for a 10% discount at any order.
Born Pretty Nail Art

Thursday 21 February 2013

Top Secret nail art

Today I'll show you my 'Top Secret' nails. Actually, the technique is not so secret - I used GA47 plate from Cheeky's Fairy Set. I started with two coats of Flormar -394 which is an awesome holographic nail polish. Then I stamped the design using black polish and added the lips detail on my accent nail. That one is from the Born Pretty's Moustache-Lips plate. I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?

Did you notice my gorgeous ring? I got it from eFoxCity. You can find it on their website, here. What I love about it is that it really is sparkly and it looks exactly as in their pictures. You can find plenty of beautiful jewellery on their website, as well as cheap clothes. It's totally worth a visit.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Fairy set - Bow manicure

Today I'd like to show you my bow nail art. I started with two coats of Illamasqua -Vice and then I stamped the designs on GA33 (the single bow) and GA36 (the full nail design) plates from Cheeky Beauty's Fairy Set. I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?

I've already shown you the Princes Set here and now I'll show you another set of 25 beautiful plates, called gals. 

There are so many designs I like and I can't wait to try them all and show you my manicures. Below you can see the difference between a Cheeky design and a Konad design. 

You can purchase these online, at Cheeky Beauty, for $15,99. They ship internationally, so you will be able to get them no matter where you live. 

Sunday 17 February 2013

PinkyParadise Contact Lenses

Today's post won't be nail related, but I hope you'll enjoy it. I will show you a pair of green contact lenses, which I got from Pinky Paradise. I've always dreamed of green eyes and I found this to be the perfect opportunity to have them. I chose a pair of G&G Queenie Royal Green (you can find them here). I must mention that I wear contact lenses every day as I have medical prescription. When I tried them, I initially felt a little discomfort, but my eyes accommodated soon. That was because they are 0.5 mm wider than the ones I usually wear - their diameter is 14.5 mm. The colour is a really beautiful one and I think it looks natural, too. Have a look at the pictures below.

I also took a picture without the lenses, so that you can see the my natural eye colour and how the green lenses changed it. 

If you have medical prescription for myopia, you're lucky. The bad part is that they don't sell lenses with prescription for long sightedness, so I got a pair of 0,00.

They offer a wide range of coloured lenses at very accessible prices - mine were $22,90. Use konadnails promotional code to get a cute animal lens case plus a mystery gift at every pair of lenses purchased. For example, if you buy 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case and 3 mystery gifts with your order. This is how your case will look like (the colour may vary). Pretty, isn't it?

Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day manicure -Kisses

Happy Valentine's Day to those who are celebrating it! Today's manicure will be a themed one. I started with two coats of Glitter Gal -Fuchsia (which I absolutely adore) and then I stamped the lips designs from the Moustache-Lips plate (QA28) from Born Pretty. I used Sinful Colors -Dream On and Konad -Special White for stamping. I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think? 
Click on the picture to zoom in the designs.
I also got a nice pair of butterfly earrings form their web site. I feel they are perfect for the spring season coming and they're really cheap - $1,99. They're cute, aren't they?

Use cupon code ASJ61 for a 10% discount at any order on Born Pretty store's website.
Born Pretty Nail Art

Saturday 9 February 2013

Navy Valentine's Day manicure

Today I'll show you a summer-like manicure turned into a Valentine's Day themed one. I started with two coats of Pure Ice -French Kiss and then I stamped the lined design from Cheeky's GA21 plate. I sponged the tips of my ring fingers and pinkies and then stamped the lips design from the same GA21 plate. For my thumb, I used Illamasqua -Alarm as a base colour. I finished with a clear top coat. My inspiration for this manicure was Miss Adelinne's manicure. What do you think?

Friday 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day Arythmia nails + THBoxes review

Today I'd like to show you another Valentine's Day themed manicure. This one is a very easy to do freehand nail art. I started with two coats of Astor -050 Iconic Red and then I took an extremely thin brush and painted the design with white polish. I finished with a clear top coat and that was it. What do you think?

As you can see, there is a big, beautiful ring on my finger. I got it from an online jewellery store called THBoxes. It came in a cute box and it only cost $2,25. You can find it here.

Another thing I got from their website is a shiny necklace which I absolutely adore. This one was $6,97 and it has a very elegant appearance. Have a closer look.

Lastly, I'd like to show you my floral watch. It has beautiful crystals on its adjustable bracelet and it's the perfect accessory for an every-day outfit.
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