Friday, 1 February 2013

How I remove glitter nail polish

Today's post will be about cotton rounds: what I tried and how they remove glitter polish. I thought this might stir your interest - we all like the glitter effect on our nails but removing it is not really something we enjoy. I must admit I am a lazy person when it comes to it. I am aware that there are plenty of easy ways to remove glitter (for example the foil method) but I never do it. Instead, I take cotton rounds and try hardly to remove it as I remove the regular nail polish. 
I recently got one pack of Cheeky's Soft Cotton Rounds and I will compare it to the usual cotton rounds you find in supermarkets. 

The first difference you will notice are the sewed edges, which make the round last longer. 

Using a usual cotton round, I tried to remove the glitter off one nail. I photographed how the disk looked like after removing half of the glitter and the fuzz left there.

This is how the cotton looked like after cleaning the whole nail. The edges were already separated and I could reuse it for one more nail.

This is the Cheeky round. There is only a few fuzz and the edges didn't separate, which means it could be used longer. 

Although they are more expensive than the usual ones, the Cheeky cotton rounds are totally worth trying. 

I'd like to know what techniques you use to remove glitter nail polish or if you are as lazy as me 
and do the same. 


Tamit24 said...

wow! I can see the difference now :)

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more and get longer lasting products. Thanks for a good review.

dreamyMM said...

lovely review xoxo

Arletta said...

Thanks for the review! I'm just lazy and i'm doing the same as you. However I did find a nail polish remover which makes removing glitter not such a horrible job. :D

Unknown said...

i use one of those pots that has sponge inside filled with varnish remover, i have 2- one labeled for normal varnish and one for glitter:)

Annie said...

I challenged you to a challenge, you can find it in my blog (
Hope you'll do it! :))

Santoine71113 said...

Great review! I'm the exact same way. No matter how many endorsements of the foil method I read I still take my glitter polish off as if it's normal polish lol

ManisbyMoore said...

I use some lint free cosmetic squares from born pretty store and pure acetone. I love those squares. They are the only ones that don't give me lint on my nails. I am so lazy when it comes to removing glitter as well and I know people say don't use acetone but it works wonders for me and quickly!

funkiichiicka said...

I don't have the patience or energy to keep scrubbing and remove glitter like normal polish haha. The foil method is a God-send to me.

Unknown said...

I have a store near me that sells cotton rounds like both type. They are out there for cheaper prices.

Unknown said...

I have a store near me that sells cotton rounds like both type. They are out there for cheaper prices.

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