Sunday 13 November 2016

The first snow

Today I'll show you my gray nails to match the first snow this winter. They're really simple, just two coats of Rimmel - Little Bo Peep and a water decal from Born Pretty store on the accent nail. I sealed everything in with clear top coat for a beautiful shine and resistance. What do you think? Did it snow where you live?

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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Furry outwear

I've been writing here on the blog about winter outwear for a while now, but I never told you what I like the most about all these heavy clothes - the furry collars. I love them! I just think they're so elegant and eye-catchy. You can put a fur collar on almost any type of  jacket or vest and it will make it a totally different or you can buy one coat that already has this kind of collar applied. Bellow you can see my favourites from - just go to their website and you will fall in love! Even if you don't need a new coat, just watching the fluffiness will feel purely satisfying and conforting. Click here for more furry fashion outerwear.

I also saw some really beautiful women trench coats at very accessible prices, so you may consider ordering them for next spring!

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Friday 4 November 2016

Winter ponchos

Winter is really close now, I bet you can all feel it in the cold wind that's been blowing lately. The comfy season is almost here and we can finally be comfy too. It's great hiding in large and fluffy clothes, I simply love the feeling, and ponchos are just perfect for this. So I made a little research on StyleWe and found some really beautiful ones which I'd like to share with you, too. 

I have to be honest, this one is my absolute favourite!

For those who don't know, StyleWe is an online clothing store selling amazing items and the best news is they ship internationally! Make sure to also follow their YouTube account where they upload customers' reviews - this way you can see exactly how each item looks like on other women before ordering it. 

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