Saturday 31 August 2013

T.P.A. Group Challenge: 1. Inspired by Pop Art - Orangeade

Today I'll show you the manicure I created for I challenge I've just entered. It's called T.P.A. Group Challenge (The Polish Addict is a group of nail art maniacs from Romania who share the passion). The creator of this was Georgia, whose blog is well worth visiting. 
Today's theme was Inspired by Pop Art. I started with two coats of Golden Rose Holiday #53 on all nails except my ring finger and pinkie on which I applied two coats of Flormar -M01. On the orange nails, I stamped the bubbles design from H20 plate, using white polish. I didn't apply any matte top coat because Golden Rose is already matte. On the white nails, I wrote FIZZ using a really thin brush and then outlined it. On my pinkie, I stamped an outlined orange using this technique. I filled in the remaining space with a tiny dotting tool. I finished with matte top coat. 
Golden Rose Holiday #53
I also wanted to share with you the goodies I've just bought from Golden Rose. #53, #58 and #59 from Holiday collection - with matte finish and sand effect; and #115 from Jolly Jewels collection. Which would you like to see next?

And here's the picture of the including all the themes. It will last for 31 weeks and I will post a manicure each Saturday. What do you think? 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Born Pretty goodies

Today I'll show you some goodies that just came into my post. They're from Born Pretty Store and I have to admit that I completely love what I got! Probably the first thing you'll notice in my picture is the cute, pink wallet. It's made of rubber and you can put in it coins, your keys, money or even your credit card. The colour is very attractive and I also like its texture. It's very practical if you don't want to carry a heavier wallet or if you just want to throw it in a really little purse. You can find it here on their website. If you want to buy, don't forget to specify the colour you want in the comments box at checkout, otherwise the colour will be random.

I'd also like to show you the dazzling top coat I got. You can find it here on their website; it's shade #4 as they call it. I'd say that it's the cheaper version of Nfu-oh flakie nail polish because the effect is so similar. I applied a coat of black nail polish and then applied this top coat. I must admit that I loved the result.

I also added Flormar's Matifying top coat to finish my manicure. What do you think?

**Use ASJ61 cuppon code for a 10% discount at each order!**

Monday 26 August 2013

Love letters nail art

Today I'll show you my so called 'Love letters' nail art. For this manicure, I started with two coats of Avon -Pearl Pink and then I stamped the writing design from BM-311 plate using Zoya -Kelly. I used this polish in order to get a faded text effect. On edges, I applied some Lucidarling -Sequins Ruby Purple glitter. Then I stamped the flowers (from m35 and BM-311 plates) and the butterfly (from BM-303 plate). I finished with clear top coat on all nails. What do you think?

I'm also participating with this manicure in Little Beauty Bag's contest. Wish me luck!

Later edit: I won the contest! I'm so so happy!

Saturday 24 August 2013

The Secret Manicure

Today I'll show you a manicure I created for a collaboration called The Secret Manicure. Nineteen girls gathered and decided to create one of another girl's manicure. It wasn't just like that, we wrote our names on pieces of paper and randomly chose who recreates who's manicure. I got the chance to recreate one of Walk with Ad's manicures and I chose one she named Toxic nails. 
I started with two coats of Sinful Colors -Courtney Orange and then I applied some pointed tape on each nails. I painted my tips with Avon -Inspire . After removing the tape, I took a thin brush and outlined the design using Flormar -M01. I finished with clear top coat. What do you think?

Here's the original manicure:

Visit these girls' blogs too for other cute secret manicures:
19. Maria (Konad Addict) -

Thursday 22 August 2013

Fish skeleton nail art

Today I'll show you my new manicure with QA62 image plate from Born Pretty. I started with two coats of Illamasqua -Kink and then I stamped the designs on the plate using SuperStar -SoHo Chic. On my accent nail, I surrounded the big skeleton with glitter nail polish. On my right hand's ring finger, I applied the same polish I used for stamping using a sponge. On my left hand's ring finger, I used silver glitter polish. I finished with clear top coat on all nails. What do you think?

Monday 19 August 2013

Sunset manicure & cute bracelet from eFoxCity

Today I'll show you my new sunset nail art. I started with a coat of white polish, as a base for the gradient I was going to create. On a sponge, I applied five different shades of nail polishes, as shown in the picture below. The nail polishes used were - from top to bottom - Pure Ice -French Kiss, Zoya -Malia, Sinful Colors -Cream Pink, Picture Polish -Citrus and Avon -Inspire. 

After that, I used Bundle Monster's stamping plates to create the trees (BM-H11) and the flying bird (BM-315). I finished with clear top coat. What do you think?

Did you notice the cute roses bracelet I'm holding? I got it from eFoxCity, an online jewelry store with accessible prices. This is the bracelet shown in the pictures. It actually is a little too big for my hands, but it's still elegant and beautiful. You can order it no matter where you live, because they offer international shipping.

Apart from jewelry, eFoxCity sells some cute wholesale dresses, beach wedding dresses and cheap prom dresses. Visit their website for more information and awesome products.
Charming Sheath Sweetheat Wedding Dress EF1210E Organza Satin Mermaid Strapless Floor-length Beading Evening Dressinspired by Grammy EF1077

Friday 16 August 2013

Shimmer Polish -Jenny

Today I'll show you another gorgeous Shimmer Polish glitter nail polish. I applied a thin coat of Jenny after applying a coat of Rimmel -Out of the blue as a base colour. The multitude of shiny, coloured particles of glitter perfectly suit the light blue base in which they are mixed. What I liked was that the polish remained shiny after it dried, too.
You can find Shimmer Polish glitters online, on Etsy. A 0.5 Fl. Oz. bottle costs $12 and they can be shipped worldwide. Don't forget to like Shimmer Polish on facebook so as to always be informed about their new arrivals.

After that, I stamped the flower design from m79 Konad plate using Konad -Special White. I finished with clear top coat. What do you think?

Sunday 11 August 2013

Bundle Monster HOLIDAY COLLECTION review

Today I'll present you the new Bundle Monster Holiday Collection of image plates, as well as my marine manicure. I started with two coats of Rimmel -Out of the blue on all nails, except my middle and ring fingers, on which I applied two coats of white polish. Then, I created the gradient using the previously mentioned polish, Astor -Fashion Studio 070 and the March Nail Lacquer #1 from Born Pretty. The ship design was stamped from BM-H13 plate from the new Bundle Monster's Holiday Collection. If you would like to know how I got the outlined design, go to this tutorial. I finished with clear top coat. What do you think?

The set contains 25 plates with various designs for the holidays during the year: Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, The New Year, The Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Engagement, Graduation, Cinco de Mayo and The Independence Day. What is more, there are designs which you can use any other time to make your manicure more beautiful. One example is the design from BM-H13 which I used for the manicure above. This collection is now in stock and you can find it online, here

Visit Bundle Monster's website and like their facebook page if you want to find out more about their products. You may also follow them on twitterGoogle+ and Pinterest. They sell their image plates on Amazon and eBay for reasonable prices and ship them worldwide. 

Saturday 10 August 2013

GIVEAWAY: Win two gorgeous dresses worth $111 [Closed]

Konad Addict and Romwe invites you to a giveaway! You have the chance two win one of these two gorgeous dresses in the picture. You can find their links in the Rafflecopter form below. 

Fill in the form below to participate and follow the steps given there. The giveaway is open internationally and will end on the 29th of August. The winner of each dress will select the size to suit them. 
To be eligible, you have two complete all the 5 mandatory entries, otherwise you will be disqualified. 

Thursday 8 August 2013

Colourful palm trees manicure

Today I'll show you my summery coloured nails. The palm tree design was stamped from m27 Konad plate using the following nail polishes: Picture Polish -Citrus (orange), Sinful Colors -Dream on (pink), Konad -Special Green and Konad -Special Blue. Avon -Well being was the base colour for this manicure. I finished with clear top coat and that was it. What do you think?

Sunday 4 August 2013

LAVlacquer -Cotton Candy Sweet As Gold

Today I'll show you LAVlacquer's Cotton Candy Sweet As Gold. It's a mix of pink, yellow and green big and small hexagonal particles in a clear to pink base. That's why I applied it over two coats of Avon -Pink Pearl. After a single coat, there is enough glitter so as to not need the appliance of another coat. Moreover, it dried really fast and clear top coat wasn't needed. On my ring finger, I stamped the cherry design from Cheeky Beauty's GA16 plate. What do you think?
Visit LAVlacquer's etsy shop for more details and awesome polishes!
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