Wednesday 31 October 2012

Halloween giveaway winner

My Halloween giveaway is now over and here I will post all the eligible entries. All participants did a great work, but as I previously said, the winner will be chosen randomly. For this, I used Keep reading if you want to find out who won.
1. MitchFJ 

2. TrendyTips1116
3. Rachel 
4. Tabitha
5. Aurellie

6. Veronica
7. Troia
8. Anna
9. Isaa
10. Stacey
11. Kara
12. Hillary
Seems like entry number 2 was the lucky one. TrendyTips1116 is the winner of the three crackling top coats (Yellow, Black and Orange). Congrats! Please email me asap in order to get your prize. Thanks again to PURE ICE, the sponsor of the prize.

Go Pink Wednesday -Polka dots

Today I'll show you this month's last 'Go Pink Wednesday' manicure. I started with a coat of Zoya -Jolene and then I applied a coat of Lucidarling -Sequins Ruby Purple glitter. I stamped the dots from m45 Konad plate and the bow from m56 plate, using Special White. I finished with the Konad Special Top coat. What do you think?

Tuesday 30 October 2012

KKcenterhk products & Halloween manicure

Today I'll show you the products I received from KKcenterhk and also a Halloween 
manicure I created using on of their image plates. 
There are three different image plates I got- m40 (the equivalent for m22 Konad palte), 
B115 and B23 (the equivalent for m33 Konad palte) - and also a stamper and a scrapper. 
The designs work perfectly well for stamping and the price of each image plate is $5.05.
They carry a wide range of products which they ship internationally. 

I created my manicure using B115 image plate. I painted my nails two coats of Illamasqua 
-Gamma except my ring finger, on which I applied Illamasqua -Faux Pas. After stamping 
the designs, I applied a clear top coat. What do you think?

Saturday 27 October 2012


*The blog sale is opened only to romanian readers.

Am de vanzare niste produse Illamasqua pe care le-am primit si le-am incercat doar 
sau nu le-am folosit deloc. De asemenea am niste gene false Ardell, noi, si inca cateva
lacuri de unghii incercate o data. Veti gasi mai multe detalii sub fiecare imagine.
Trimit produsele prin posta romana, taxele de expediere fiind 8 lei. Daca
sunteti interesate de vreun produs, astept sa ma contactati  la
konadaddict [at] yahoo [dot] com sau sa lasati un comentariu la aceasta postare.
Sealing gel - o picatura din acest gel transforma fardul pudra intr-o "crema" rezistenta la apa
Pretul meu: 35 lei 
Starea: nefolosit

VANDUT - Powder Eye Shadow, nuantele Obsidian si Can Can 

VANDUT- Pure Pigment, nuanta Beguile

VANDUT - Nail Varnish, nuanta Hemlock

Gene false Ardell Fashion 
Pretul meu: 18 lei fiecare
Starea: nefolosite

Lac de unghii Glitter Gal, nuantele Neon -Skater Girl Green si DuoChrome Wrapped Teal
Pretul meu: 25 lei fiecare
Starea: incercate o data

VANDUT - Lac de unghii Deborah Lippmann, nuantaToday was a fairytale

Lac de unghii Orly, nuanta Crush on you
Pretul meu: 25 lei
Starea: incercat o data

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Houndstooth manicure

Today I'll show you my fourth 'Go Pink Wednesday' manicure. As you might now,
'Go Pink Wednesday' series were created in order to make people aware breast cancer. 
You can see my previous designs by clicking on their titles: Butterfly wings (October 3rd),
Ribbon manicure (October 10th) and Pink zebra nails (October 17th).  

For today's manicure, I used m63 Konad plate to create the design. I started with two coats
of Miss Sporty Lasting Colour -Vintage and then I stamped over the design using Oriflame 
-Silver Lining. As you can see, this nail polish works great for stamping. Then I took a 
thin brush and created a diagonal line with the pink nail polish. Finally, I painted another
coat of pink bellow the previously created line. I finished with a clear top coat. 
What do you think?

Friday 19 October 2012

Sponge crackled manicure

Today I'll show you a manicure I created using a technique I haven't used until now,
crackled manicure done with a sponge. I started with two coats of Flormar -MG05, 
then I applied the Black Crackling Nail Polish from Born Pretty on a sponge and
tapped over the nail. I cleared the mess on my cuticles using a brush and acetone.
 Finally, I applied a clear top coat. This is the result. What do you think?

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday -Pink zebra nails

Today I'll show you my white and pink animal print nail art for this Wednesday.
I started with a coat of Born Pretty -Matt Dull White and then, using a sponge, I
made some pink lines either on the middle of the nails, or on their extremities. For this 
step I used Sinful Colors -Cream Pink. Then, using Stripe Rite -Black, I created 
the zebra print. I did this freehand. In order that I got the lines thicker at the margin
and thinner at the center, I had to apply more pressure on the brush when I painted
 the margin and less and less pressure as I went to the center. I finished with a
clear top coat. What do you think?

Monday 15 October 2012

[CLOSED] Trick or Treat! PURE ICE Giveaway

As Halloween is coming I decided to make a giveaway for you, my lovely readers, and
it was possible thanks to Pure Ice, who sponsored it. You have the chance to win 3 crackling
top coats - Yellow, Black and Orange. The giveaway starts today and ends on the 30th October.
Therefore, the winner will be announced on the Halloween's night. 

In order to participate, you have to create a nail art with the theme Halloween. 
The winner will be chosen randomly, so it gives a chance to many of you - it doesn't matter 
whether you are a master or a beginner in the domain. This isn't about who is the most talented 
nail artist, but about the spirit of the holiday. So I'm waiting for you to email your pictures to 
KonadAddict [at]yahoo [dot]com and also write your name, country and website 
(if you have one). Please also let me know in a comment if you sent your entry.
If you are kind enough, please share this giveaway with others.
I'm looking forward to seeing your manicures. Good luck!

*This giveaway is now closed.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Sprayed nails TUTORIAL (Autumn Design)

Today I'll show you a new technique for an original, cute manicure. 
1. Paint your nails two coats of any nail polish you like. I used Glitter Gal -Skater Girl Green. 
You can see its swatch here
2. Take a perfume sample bottle that has an atomizer and one or two different nail polishes 
to spray over the base colour. 
3. Poor the nail polish in the perfume sample bottle so as to fill about a quarter of it.
4. Apply some scotch tape on your cuticles for protection.
5. Spray the nail polish on the nails. 
6*. If you want to spray another colour, poor a small quantity of acetone in the perfume 
sample bottle and clean it using an ear stick. Repeat steps 3-5. 
The nail polishes I used for spraying are Sinful Colors -Rich in heart and Illamasqua -Gamma.
7. After it is all done, apply a clear top coat to protect your design and add a beautiful shine.
What do you think? Are you going to try it?

Friday 12 October 2012

Glitter Gal -Skater Girl Green

Today I'll show you the swatch for a nail polish from new Glitter Gal's Neon Collection.
It is called Skater Girl Green and you can see two coats applied in the pictures. It is a 
very beautiful, shiny, light green shade. Applied in a single coat, it is more like a
translucent shade, but two coat fully covers the nail. The brush is very easy to handle.
You can but it online at for $14.95

What do you think?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday -Ribbon manicure

Today I'll show you my new pink manicure. For this, I used m63 Konad plate and
three different shades. I started with two coats of Zoya -Jolene, and then I applied
Golden Rose #04, using the sponge technique. I stamped the ribbon design with
Sinful Colors -Dream on over the white base colour. I finished with the Konad 
Special Top Coat. What do you think?

Saturday 6 October 2012

Blue animal print manicure

Today I'll show you a manicure I did using m57 Konad plate. I started with two coats
of Astor #070 on all my nails except the thumb and ring finger, for which I used Matt Dull White 
from Born Pretty. Then I stamped the zebra design on the blue nails and the leopard print on
the others. After sticking the whole design on the stamper, I cleaned the surplus with my nail
and so I got that diagonal print. I filled in the black prints using the blue nail polish and I
finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?

(not my nails in the pictures)

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday -Butterfly wings

Today I'll show you a manicure I've done before, only using different colours. 
You can see the previous one here. For this one I decided to use pink, as it is October
and the month when extra attention is paid to breast cancer. I started with two coats of
Picture Polish -Hot and then I stamped the design from A07 image plate, using Konad 
-Special White. I stuck some sparkling silver sequins from a brand called Truth of isis.
 I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?

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