Tuesday 27 March 2012

Easy pink konadicure

Today I'll show you a very easy manicure I done with m78 Konad plate.
I started with two coats of Zoya - Jolene and then I stamped the design using Konad 
-Special White. I finished with a clear top coat. Simple as that! What do you think?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Butterfly nails

Today I'll show you a new stamping manicure I made with A07 image plate.
I started with two coats of Illamasqua -Faux and then I stamped the two parts
of the butterfly on my middle and ring finger with Konad Special White. The thin, black 
line that can be seen there is because I wanted to stamp with black at first, but then I 
changed my mind and didn't remove the layer of polish. I applied some gold sequins
 on its wings and I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?


I recreated this manicure using a pink base colour, you can see it here.

Saturday 17 March 2012

St. Patrick manicure - Water Marble

Today I tried to make a four-leaf clover water marble manicure, but I only managed to do it on false nails, not on mine. I thought that it might be because they are too short; anyway - they were a total mess. Maybe you will try it too and you will get a better result than me. Firstly, you should paint your nails white or a nude colour and then, in a disposable glass, I put alternatively several drops of Avon -Green with envy and Sinful Colors -Happy ending. Using a toothpick, I created the four-leaf clover and then put the nail in the middle of the design.

At the end, I applied four green, heart-shaped rhinestones. I got them from a nail art store called Born Pretty for $3.33 . I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think? Could you give me some tips if you have tried it and got a nice result?

Thursday 15 March 2012

[CLOSED] PURE ICE -Spring giveaway

Today I will start a new giveaway on Pure Ice -Excuse me and Wild thing 
nail polishes. All you have to do to enter the contest is be a follower of my blog 
and complete the form bellow. You can earn some extra entries by liking my 
facebook page, blogging about the giveaway or commenting one of my 
non-giveaway posts.

This will close on the 5th of April when I will randomly chose a winner. 
Good luck!


Tuesday 13 March 2012

Illamasqua - Human fundamentalism

Today I'll show you a small part of Illamasqua new 2012 collection. They describe it 
to be "an explosion of your alter ego - it's becoming who you are and not who 
you're told to be". You can see more of it on Illamasqua website and pre-order the 
products available from 15th March. I got some very nicely packed samples and 
I'll show them to you.

I got two eye shadows (the black one -Obsidian and the mauve one -Can Can) 
and you can see how they look like in the picture bellow. The nail polish
is called Nomad and it is a very beautiful fresh-mint shade. As other Illamasqua
nail polish, it has a very beautiful shine. I also got the Sealing gel, that is something
very usefull for the season coming. One drop of this turns any powder into a colour-intense,
 water-resistant paste that dries quickly and lasts longer. You can use it with powder eye 
shadow, pure pigment, eye brow cake or eye liner cake. Last but not least, I got a sample
of the new Freak eau de perfume. I don't only like the way it smells, but also the
fact that a single drop applied on my wrist lasted the whole day and spread the
beautiful smell all around me.

This is it; I, for one, love this collection!

Monday 12 March 2012

Flormar - Magnetic twist

Today I'll show you a new magnetic nail polish from Flormar. Unfortunately,
I think this brand is only available in Europe. I got a red shade, called MG05.
It is very easy to use: right after you apply the polish on the nail you put the magnet 
as close to nail as possible and keep it for about 10 seconds. It will look like in the 
picture. After this, I stamped a small, white flower from m66 Konad plate and 
applied a red rhinestone. I finished with a clear top coat. What do you think?

This is how the magnet looks like. It only creates diagonal lines. I will give you a tip: 
take the magnet out from its support so it will be easier to use. The lines aren't so 
emphasized when you use the magnet in its support.

Friday 9 March 2012

Spring day manicure

Today I'll show you a springy manicure I've done and also talk about the Black stamping 
nail polish from a nail art store called Born Pretty. I started with two coats of 
Avon -Aqua Fantasy and then, using the sponge, I applied Pure Ice  -French Kiss on 
the tips. Then I stamped the design from m78 Konad plate with the stamping polish I was 
talking about. The design imprints very well, the color is intense enough and it doesn't 
dry on the stamp before you apply it on the nail. It is in a 3ml bottle, and its price 
is $2.05, with free international shipping. I think it deserves a try if you ran out 
of Konad special polish, because the results are mainly the same. I finished my 
manicure by applying a clear top coat. What do you think?

Tuesday 6 March 2012

m64 Abstraction

Today I'll show you a new manicure with m64 Konad plate.
I started with two coats of Claire's -Lonely/Loved and then I applied
Deborah -01 MAT (Black) on the tips using a sponge. Then, I stamped the 
design using Konad -Special White and finished with a clear top coat.
What do you think?

Saturday 3 March 2012

Tuxedo nail art

As many of you might now, tuxedo nail art has became a trend since they 
were worn on the red carped, so I decided to come up with a similar design.
I started with two coats of Essie- Topless&Barefoot. After that, using a 
thin brush, I created diagonally two black lines and filled them in with
Illamasqua- Scorn. Then I created the bows and two small dots on each
nail with a dotting tool. I finished with a clear top coat. 
What do you think?

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