Friday, 11 May 2012

White and blue manicure

Today I'll show you a new manicure I made with Konad m57 and m59 image 
plates. I applied two coats of PURE ICE -French Kiss on the middle finger
 and pinky and Matt Dull White from Born Pretty on the other nails. 
I like this white nail polish very much because the coverage is perfect after the 
first layer. It is also very accessible as the web-site ships internationally for free. 
Next, I stamped the designs with special black and white stamping
polishes. I filled in the leopard print with blue polish, using a dotting tool,
put a blue rhinestone on the index and finally, applied a clear top coat.
What do you think?

(not my nails in the picture)


Unknown said...

It's really beautiful!!
I love it!

Stefanie said...

I love it too. It's so creativ.

Stefanie said...

I like the ring. Which stone is it?

Kate said...

I love this!

Jackie said...

very cute!

funkiichiicka said...

Real pretty!

Carmen said...

Bonita combinación. Me gusta.

Nixai_CherriesSweets said...

Muy bonita, me gusta mucho

sue said...

Very nice combination.

Unknown said...

Love it. Love it! Love it!

Leelo said...

Very pretty and simple! Love it!

MissyLi said...

So lovely!!!!

Maria said...

@Stefanie B. aus K. : I don't know what stone it is, sorry :D

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