Tuesday 29 May 2012

It's So Easy nail products

Today I want you to show my nail products from It's so easy, which I've just 
received and I like a lot. There are 14 Stripe Rite nail polishes with a thin brush
that is perfect for nail art. I also got 4 boxes of cracked ice: white, gold, silver 
and fuchsia and 2 boxes of glitter powder: gold and white. You can also see 
the Double up nail art brush, which is a brush that is a dotting tool 
on a side and a detail brush on the other. Last but not least, the rhinestone
box with a very useful tool attached. If you enlarge the picture, you will see a 
pink pen in the middle of the box, which helps you pick the rhinestones.

You can find all this online, at It's so Easy Nails. This website not only presents
the company's products, but also is a place for all nail artists to share their
creations using the products. The website was launched this month and it is 
very useful and inspiring, you should visit it.

I will start reviewing the products very soon. Please tell me if there
is something that you would like to see firstly.


Polish lover said...

I would love to see the glitter

As minhas tramas said...

I want it too :)

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