Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cases

Our phone knows and is most of our lives now and that is why many times I leave the house carying only my phone with me. I have everything I need there and I rarely need to take a bag with me, especially since I got my new case from FYY store. You should visit their US Amazon to see what I'm talking about. This one is a flip wallet case with card slots and a detachable hand strap. I put the money and my cards there and I'm ready to go. It's also convenient when watching movies or youtube videos, since it has kickstand function. I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case. They have it on black, green, pink or purple - still, my favourite one is purple. They also have the Samsung galaxy note 10 plus 5G case.

I think they're both great and I also have a surprise for you. You can get them with 70% discount if you use my codes, but the discount applies only for the black one. Their price will be $3.90 (original price $12.99) and the coupon is only valid until the 30th of September, so please hurry. Here are the codes:
5GH7-D3LMUF-ZYSXAU for Galaxy Note 10
KCW6-A3GJYH-Z7ZCA7 for Galaxy Note 10 plus


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