Friday, 12 January 2018

What do you need for the perfect gel manicure at home?

We all see those beautiful gel nails everywhere and I'll tell you what exactly do you need to create them at home. You'll need practice and a little patience and you can learn everything from Youtube tutorials. Just remember that the key to beautiful nails is practice (a lot of practice actually).
So what do you need?
1. The first thing you need is a LED lamp to cure the nails in between the steps. 
2. Nail files to prepare your nails and also for removing the gel.
3. Wooden sticks for pushing back the cuticles.
4. Gel primer - you need to apply this after you filed the surface of the nails and removed the shiny layer. You'll apply it when the nails are dull and it will add a sticky layer on the nails. You don't need to cure this in the lamp. 
5. Gel base coat - apply a thin layer of this and try not to touch the cuticles at all. Cure it in the lamp.
6. Now it's time to apply the gel nail polish colour. Normally, you'll need to apply two coats of it and cure it in the lamp after each coat. This is the fun part because you can choose any colour that you like or you could play with the colours. The possibilities are endless. 
I found some really nice colours on Pink Gellac. I'll share below some of my favourites. 

7. The final step is gel top coat. You can go for matte or shiny finish. It also needs curing in the lamp. Now it's the moment when you can play with nail accessories such as studs, rhinestones, 3D decorations or anything else that you have in mind. You can apply it on the wet top coat, before curing it and eventually you can add an extra coat after that for sealing them in. 

And that's about everything. It doesn't look so hard, does it?
If you don't know where to buy your supplied from, I've recently discovered a website selling nail care products & nail accessories for gel manicures and they have plenty of nice options. Prices are also accessible and they ship almost anywhere in  the world. Check them out! 

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