Saturday, 1 July 2017

Baby showers

What other moment is more magical than that when a baby comes to the world? He's a precious gift that will bring a lot of happines to everyone's lives. We are all expecting him to come and start celebrating, because that's what baby showers are about. We want to find the best gifts and sometimes this is not easy, if we crave for perfection. Lately, I've been looking a lot for gifts for my friend's baby shower and thought to share some of my findings with you.

First things first, I found this cute little journal which is a place to write about pregnancy and the first year of the baby's life. If I were pregnant, I would definitely want something like this, as I like writing a lot and I think it's a great way to have a memory with the most unique experience in life. 

Then here's "Messages for you", something for the baby to read while growing up. Inside there are beautiful envelopes for each message. It can be a great gift from a mother, an aunt or a grandmother. 

I think every mother is obsessed with taking pictures of her child and a great way to keep the best ones in one place is a pretty photo album.

In the end, here's something funny for the parents. 'Single, Married, Kids' measures wine glasses. I found everything on Gifts less ordinary and there are many more awesome gifts ideas.
What's your idea of a perfect baby shower gift? I'd like yo read your's in the comments.

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