Monday, 17 April 2017

Plus size fashion items

I'm always talking about the latest fashion items I find on different websites and sharing my wishlists with you, but never quite mention the oversized items. So one of my readers recently asked me if I could recommend a website selling plus size sexy dresses. I did a little research and in the end I decided to present you some items from FashionMia.
Our bodies are in all kind of shapes but we are all beautiful, no matter the size we wear. We just have to know what to wear to be advantaged. So here are some of my suggestions. The way I see it, one of the must have items is the bodycon dress for plus size

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Unknown said...

There's a lot of really negative reviews for fashion Mia. Why are these sites (Asian, most of them) not subject to the same regulations and standards American online companies are. It seems like I see the same complaints for these kind of cheaply places thank heavens for reviews.

Manases Andrea said...

Nu stiam de acest site. Rochita cu buline arata super!

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