Saturday, 18 October 2014

[CLOSED] Oasap Cardigans GIVEAWAY

It's time to start another giveaway in collaboration with Oasap. This one starts today and will last until the 25th of October. Again, the giveaway is open internationally

What can you win? 
You get to chose one of the three cardigans below. I have to admit - if I were you, I couldn't pick just one, they're all great!

1. Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan 

2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan 

3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan 
How to enter? 
1. Follow my blog on GFC, bloglovin or via email. 
2. Register on Oasap.
3. Comment on this post and tell me what prize you'd like. Don't forget to include your follower name and the email address you used at registration.

Good luck!

**This giveaway is now closed. Thanks everyone who entered. The winner is...

Congratulations! I've already sent you an email.

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Mae said...

I follow you on GFC- Mae Lin
I'd love to win #1 I love the geometric simplicity of it!

Lulu said...

I follow on Bloglovin: Greeklulu
I like Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi I follow you here on Bloglovin! Also on Facebook and Instagram too lol! I love all 3 but my favourite which Id love to own is no2 the pink batwing ! Be fab with everything .. Specially jeans ! I've registered on Oasap with email

gemma said...

I follow on
Bloglov: gmmabcn
I like Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan
Thank you!

jc said...

Loving the geo knit cardigan, it's lovely.

Bloglovin: Jc Loh
FB: Jc Loh

Deya said...

gfc Andreia Daniela
bloglovin b-andreia daniela
cont pe oasap
cardiganul preferat

Viviana Muñoz said...

GFC Viviana Muñoz
Bloglovin Viviana Muñoz



gfc: nadia candrea
bloglovin: nadia candrea
email:; numele cu care m-am inregistrat: nadia alina candrea
I like this one:

prhn said...

gfc: prhn

livingbelowtheclouds said...

Bloglovin: Joana Bento

Unknown said...

I follow via bloglovin.I registered on Oasap with
I'd like the pink batwing one (number2)

Emi said...

bloglovin: Marin Emilia Valentina
I would like this one:

Beatriz said...

bloglovin: Beatriz Salzedas
I would like to win the first one. It´s lovely! love your blog.

Marianna said...

GFC: Marianna

tiana ba said...

GFC/FB: Tjana Ba

2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan

Unknown said...

FB: Petra Kos
GFC: Petra Black
Bloglovin: Petra Black

Irina G. said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Following your blog via GFC and bloglovin'
GFC: Irina Gnatiuk
bloglovin': Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
Registered email:
I like the Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan:

Tea Bandić said...

FB/Bloglovin: Tea Šainović
GFC: Tea Sainovic
2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan

CosmeticCrazy said...

How to enter?
1. Following via GFC and bloglovin: CosmeticCrazy
2. Register on Oasap:
3. I would like #3 The 3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan:

kaysea said...

i like the Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
GFC: kaysea
bloglovin: kaysea03
FB: Kathryn C. Flores

karin said...

i love the Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
gfc Karin
bloglovin karins28
fb Karin Shaim

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!
I love the #2 :Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
GFC:Helena Oops
Shared the giveaway on FB:
Fingers crossed!
Have a nice sunday!

Mimi said...

Not sure why my comment went so I'm writing again :)

I follow on gfc as layla and my email address is

I'd love to win cardigan no. 3, its so beautiful!

latanya t said...

Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan

dlatany at gmail dot com

bloglovin follower

Anonymous said...

1. Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan

Unknown said...

love 2! :)
gfc: ISA VAL
Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

Alexandra Cîrlea said...

Name: Alexandra Cîrlea
GFC: Painter Painter
Instagram: @ppainter8

Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan

Déborah Tg said...

Deborah Tg
cardigan 3

Coline T. said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway! :-) I love the "Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan".
•GFC & Bloglovin': Coline T.

Made by Irina R. said...

I love this one: Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan
GFC: Irina R

Patti said...

I follow on GFc and bloglovin! I would love the pink cardi. It's precious! I registered as Patti LeBlanc

Unknown said...

GFC Alena Belausava

Cami said...

i like

GFC: Cami87

Freshie said...

Awesome giveaway!
1) I'm GFC Follower Freshie
2) My email and what I registered with is
3) I'd love to win the fancy open knit!

Unknown said... n hope to win this one :)

Ashley B. said...

Followed on GFC: Ashley Marie
Signed up using my email address
My favorite is this:

Courtney B said...

gfc Courtney b
I want the fancy knit open cardigan

I signed up! thank you!

Holly MacRitchie said...

GFC - Holly Wright
Registered :
Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan

Unknown said...

Prize i would like to have : Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
Email :
GFC : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik
Bloglovin' Name : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik

mitchkat said...

love the fancy geo knit print
GFC: michelle katherine tan

Unknown said...

partecipo :)
gfc clau cla
email oasap
mi piace il n 3

Unknown said...

I'd like to win Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
gfc Emilia Nord
email workingaddr(at)

Isis said...

GFC Isis
Isis Lourenço
3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan

Mari V said...

GFC: Mari V


Unknown said...

Rosa Pi

Debora said...

Great giveaway!
Debora Ferri

Ingrid Moitinho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ingrid Moitinho said...

GFC: Ingrid Moitinho

Jullya said...

GFC: jullya_Alexxa
I like this one -

little_termy said...

GFC: little_termy
Yahoo account:
I definitely like the third one!

Princess Tubby said...

Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan!!!
Thank you and good luck to all!!! <3
Instagram: Tubby_Mastriani

samantha.tedesco said...

gfc: samantha.tedesco
FB: Samantha Tedesco

Cristina said...

Great giveaway, thanks!
FB: Cristina Popescu
GFC: Cristina
Bloglovin: Popescu Cristina
I love

Unknown said...

Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan

Fransine Ba

Unknown said...

GFC : mrm BN

bloglovin' : Myriam Bén Ncir

email :

i'd love the Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan

Isa Machado said...

GFC/Bloglovin: isa Machado
Love the 3rd! ;)

Natasha K said...

gfc blublu
katnatasha at gmail dot com
I <3

Kelli Gill said...

My name is Kelli Gill, I followed on Bloglovin through the userneame kelli103, and I registered with the email:

Andyandra said...

GFC: andy
No. 2

The same giveaway takes place on my blog if you want to join:

Unknown said...

gfc: Caryn M
blohlovin: Caryn M
fb: Ccm

Sekhmet said...

GFC: Sekhmet
FB: Harley Quieenn
I like:

IV IV84 said...
Fb: Ivony Morenno
Cardigan 2
Try your luck in my giveaway>>>

Christy DuBois said...

I'm not sure if the comment I was typing posted or not therefore I suppose I will try once again. I follow you via gfc, bloglovin and by email and my username for all three is my email I also registered at OASAP with email I would like the 3rd, third cardigan. Thanks for this opportunity.

Unknown said...

Cardigan n.2

WinglessMaka said...

GFC: Makaerin Rawr
Favorite Cardigan: 2

Thanks a lot :9

Susana Silva said...

GFC: Susana Silva
love these: 2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan
thank you

T Iv. said...

GFC: T Iv.
I love #2

jtranho said...

bloglovin jessica eapen
Register on Oasap:
prize : 2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan

Unknown said...

GFC, Bloglovin: Slađana Sušilović
I love #3

Unknown said...

i'm in!
i like the Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan!
gfc, bloglovin; zoelouwerse

Nenna said...

GFC: Nenna
Nr 2

doli said...

gfc: Dolores Kulaš (Dolly Cool)
fav item: 3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan

Unknown said...

I follow you on Facebook and Instagram :))
Nr. 1

Divya Asha said...

Registered email:
GFC Follower: Divya Asha
Favorite sweater:

Unknown said...
bloglovin: Masha87bp
I love #3

DanaStargazerTruitt said...
Follow BlogLovin: Dana Stargazer Truitt
I definitely love the 3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan most out of them all!!
Yahhh crossin' my fingers!!

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