Sunday, 13 July 2014

Homemade decals | Floral anchor nail art

Today I'll show you my new floral anchor nail art. 
I started with two coats of Glitter Gal -Serpent Black on all nail except from my ring finger, where I applies ProNails -Extreme White. Then I appplied some homemade water decals and finished with Golden Rose -Matte top coat. Find below my easy tutorials on creating homemade decals.

Anchor decal (you can also watch the pictorial I posted on Instagram here)
→ Take a plastic wrap or plastic bag and put it on a hard surface. 
→Stick the anchor stencil (or any stencil) on it. My anchor stencils are from Nails Redesigned.
→Apply a coat of black nail polish so as to cover the hole. 
→Remove the stencil while the nail polish is still wet and then let it dry. 
→Apply clear top coat and let it dry. This will help you unstick the decal from the plastic wrap. 
**The next step is optional. 
If you don't want to create any more designs on your decal you're done. 
→Take your white nail polish and a thin nail art brush and create the wanted design. 
Colour it using sheer tints. 
→Unstick the decal using tweezers and apply it onto the nail. Seal with clear top coat.

I used the same technique for creating the full nail flowery decals. I stamped the design from MoYou London's Tourist 17 stamping plate.

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Raluca Vintilescu said...

Sunt superbe! Eu folosesc un lac matifiant de la Flormar si m-a scutit de multi bani dati pe ojele mate :D

Cindi said...

Cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

Anca said...

Foarte tare ideea asta, tot zic ca o incerc de ceva vreme insa nu ajuns sa o incerc

Oana said...

Foarte frumos au iesit <3

Taitzel said...

interesanta metoda :d imi place mult ce a iesit!:*

Deya said...

intereant , imi place ...trebuie sa incerc si eu

Mădălina said...

Cat imi place rezultatul final! ♥
Super tare tutorialul.

Manases Andrea said...

Vai eu inca nu am avut curajul sa incerc aceasta tehnica, desi ma tenteaza foarte mult. Imi place modelul care ai creat-o! Pe blog am un giveaway cu produse Flormar, te astept cu drag sa participi!

Unknown said...

Rezultatul este super!

Sylden Christine Hena said...

Very lovely! How I wish I could do the same.

Delightful Illusions

Hello Maike said...

Amazing! Im a liitle bit jealous :D

Marya said...

Lovely mani, you are so talented girl! <3

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