Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Romwe Aztec Cardigan GIVEAWAY

Good news, I have another giveaway for you! It starts now and will last for 5 days only, so enter now! 
This contest is in collaboration with Romwe and you have the chance to get the tribal cardigan in the picture below for FREE. 

How to enter? 
1. Add a comment on the product page via your Facebook account and show this gorgeous Aztec Cardigan some love - CLICK HERE
2. Tell me you have done it by leaving a comment at this post.
Include in the comment: 
-your follower name of Konad Addict: you have to follow my blog to enter (GFC, bloglovin or email)
-your Facebook name
-your email address

*Bonus entry for those who follow my instagtam account @konadaddict.
Good luck!

If you don't feel lucky, the cardigan will be only $15.99 on 6th March GMT. Therefore, you can get it with a 54% discount.

The winner of this giveaway is i-am-amazed. Congrats!


Florina Pandrea said...

Done it:)
GFC/FB :Pandrea Florina
email : x.ciresica23@yahoo.com

Mimi said...

all done :)
gfc: layla
fb name: leya sara jacob
email: leyajacob@gmail.com
instagram: leyajacob

Beauty and others said...

GFC: beauty_and_others
FB name: Nicoleta Alexandra

i-am-amazed said...


GFC: i-am-amazed
FB: Agnes Woolf
e-mail: pozytywniej@gmail.com

Francesca said...

All done! *_*

GFC: Francesca
FB: Francesca Biondina
Email: redicoppe@inwind.it

Ana said...

GFC/FB Ana Onofrei
Instagram - anaonofrei93
e-mail - ana_makeup_artist@yahoo.com

Vânia Vieira said...

-your follower name of Konad Addict: Bany (bloglovin)
-your Facebook name Vânia Madureira
-your email address vaniav@sapo.pt

Déborah Tg said...

Deborah Tg

Déborah Tg said...

Instagram. buddi981

Taitzel said...

GFC_Facebook Teodora Stoian
Instagram Taitzel

silviabia said...

I've done it :)
Bloglovin': Sílvia Ferreira
FB: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho

Florinda said...

Enter me please!
GFC: floryfrancy
FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
Instagram: @florindaf82

e-mail/Bloglovin': floryfrancy[at]inwind[dot]it

Yonela Lee said...

Done :D
Gfc/fb : Yonela Lee
FB: Yonela Lee
e-mail : blanky_aryana_41@yahoo.com

helena braga said...

your follower name of Konad Addict: kuki braga - cookie.kuki@gmail.com
-your Facebook name - helena braga
-your email address - longshot_storm@hotmail.com
instagram - kuki_narnia

Debora said...

Great giveaway! All done :)
On fb: Debora Ferri
E-mail: debby_f@hotmail.it
On GFC: debby_f
Bloglovin': debby_f@hotmail.it - Debora Ferri

Unknown said...

Fb/bloglovin: Cogito Ergosum
Pinterest: cogitoergosum71
Gfc: Isa Val
Twitter: @luvalz
mail cogitoergosum8587@yahoo.it

Naama A said...

great giveaway! I'm in!
GFC/FB: Naama A
nam12 [at] walla.co.il

Naama A said...

also following on instagram (naamaaha)
nam12 [at] walla.co.il

Unknown said...

follow via bloglovin. amy p
and i liked a few of them under amy bolda pugmire

Thanks for the chance!!!


BlackAsphodel said...

GFC/FB: Black Asphodel
Instagram: blackasphodel
My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

Unknown said...

All done!
AleFletcher on fb
Alessia Pi on GFC

Fashion Lights said...

Done :)
P. Brigitta
GFC: Fashion Lights


Sílvia Ávila said...

GFC/FB: Sílvia Ávila


mitchkat said...

GFC & FB : michelle katherine tan
Email: michellekatherinetan@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Done :)
-Followed with GFC: Elisa Difino
-FB: Elisa Difino
-email: ellis_dream@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

GFC xtrelitah
FB Tucha Viei
instagtam xtrelitah

Ashwini Prashanth said...

GFC Name: ashwini p
FB Name: Ashwini Prashanth
Email address: ash.coolchik@gmail.com

Judy Thomas said...

GFC: judith thomas
Facbook: Judy Thomas
Bloglovin: jude21 Judy Thomas
email: judethomas21@gmail.com
Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)
Instagram: jude2101

Cristina said...

Am comentat!
GFC: Cristina
Bloglovin: Popescu Cristina
FB: Crsitina Popescu
Instagram: cristinapopesku
email: cristina.popesku@yahoo.com

Rita Castro said...

done it :)
facebook name: rita castro
e-mail: anaritacastro20@gmail.com
gfc: rita castro

Susana Silva said...

Hello!! Done it in here : https://www.facebook.com/luckysusana/posts/805577149469621?stream_ref=10
GFC : Susana Silva
Email : luckysusana@gmail.com
Facebook Name : Susana Silva - https://www.facebook.com/luckysusana

Thank you

aida said...

GFC Name: aida
Email: slither1004(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Gfc/Fb: Bianca Rogoveanu

Anonymous said...

Instagram: biancarogoveanu


I'm in!!! It's gorgeous!
fb: nadia alina candrea
gfc: nadia candrea

reindrops said...

-your follower name of Konad Addict: reindrops (GFC)
-your Facebook name Feather Mist
-your email address rein.drops@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

GFC : myriam bén nsir
Bloglovin' : Myriam Bén Ncir
facebook : Myriam Bén Ncir
email : pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr

Unknown said...

GFC: Liezel Salem
Bloglovin: Lee Zel
FB: Lee Zel
email: liezelsalem@gmail.com
IG: @leeshells

la vale said...

valentina gregori
mail: valeee.gregori@libero.it

Sapatinhos Cintilantes said...

GFC: Sapatinhos Cintilantes
Bloglovin: Sapatinhos Cintilantes
FB: Sapatinhos Cintilantes
email: scintilantes@hotmail.com
IG: @sapatinhoscintilantes

Isa Machado said...

GFC: Isa Machado
Facebook name: Isa Machado
Email address: isabelmachado87@hotmail.com

Helena Oops said...

Thnk you for this lovely giveaway!
All done!
FBJens ken Lundstrom
GFC:Helena Oops
Fingers crossed!

Cami said...

FB: Blogul cu Hainutze
GFC: Cami87

Unknown said...

I commented on the product page, and I follow on instagram (@carlaboschclar1), on bloglovin' (http://www.bloglovin.com/carlabosch) and GFC (Carla Bosch Clar), and my name on FB is Carla Bosch :) Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Unknown said...


gfc/facebook: Alice Beerland
email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

Gift Princess said...


GFC: Gift
Facebook: Gift Princess Buhman

samantha.tedesco said...

Enter me, pls!
FB: Samantha Tedesco

samantha.tedesco said...

I also follow you on instagram

mitchkat said...

FB/GFC: michelle katherine tan

Dinky said...

Done! I commented as Diana Dinky and I´m following you on Bloglovin under the same name.
Also I´m following you on Instagram as _diana_l_ . Love your photos, they´re amazing :)
Thank you for this great giveaway. The cardigan is wonderful! :)

Unknown said...

GFC : myriam bén nsir
Bloglovin' : Myriam Bén Ncir
facebook : Myriam Bén Ncir
email : pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr

Rayna M said...

Thanks for a lovely giveaway.
Bloglovin: Rayna M
Facebook: Rayna Miller

Unknown said...

Facebook name: loredana battista
email address: lorygive@gmail.com
istagram: lored89

Isis said...

Isis Oliva Lourenço
GFC Isis

Anonymous said...

GFC: Fairouze
Bloglovin': Fairouze
FB: Fatima Ezzahra Ibnou Fairouze
Email: fairytale-me@live.fr

Camelia5 said...

Done: Camelia Covaci
GFC: Camelia85
FB: Camelia Covaci
email: redcami@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

GFC : myriam bén nsir
Bloglovin' : Myriam Bén Ncir
facebook : Myriam Bén Ncir
email : pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr


Alexandra Cîrlea said...

GFC: Painter Painter
Bloglovin: Alexandra Cîrlea/ppainter8@gmail.com
Facebook: Alexandra Cîrlea
Mail: ppainter8@gmail.com

Unknown said...

fb e gfc: Rosa Pi

MaeRi said...


Unknown said...

fb name: yen morales
gfc: kehrin morales
ig: @kehrinmorales
bloglovin: yen morales

Unknown said...

I'm definitely join your giveaway! Thank you!

Done comment on Romwe site as Ria Alemina (My Facebook Name : Ria Alemina)
I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin
GFC : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik
Bloglovin' : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik (http://www.bloglovin.com/ri4ginting)
Facebook : Ria Alemina
Email : ria_alemina@yahoo.com
Follow you on Instagram too
Instagram : ria_alemina

dagmarka said...

- GFC dagmarka

- your Facebook name Dagmara Marut

- your email address dagmarka.m@wp.pl
- Instagram @dagmarka2311

Divya Asha said...

I commented on Romwe's product page.
Facebook name: Divya Asha
Email: fb_asha@yahoo.com
GFC & Bloglovin follower: Divya Asha
Following via email also.

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