Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Ultimate Fix review

Today I'll present you The Ultimate Fix - a spray to apply on all coats of nail polish in order to fix it, as well as protect it. Beauty Narcotix, the brand producing it, was kind enough so as to send me a sample to review. The spray I have here is the mini-size of the product, enough to treat up to 12 manicures. You can easily transport it and fix your manicures wherever you are. 

The thing I most like about it is the fact that it profoundly hydrates the cuticles. They are smooth and there is no need to apply a cuticle oil after doing your nails. The manicure dries 5 minutes about applying the spray for the last time. Moreover, it leaves a beautiful shine which last the whole day. 

I've been using it for a while, but only decided to post about it now. Here's my last try with the product. The nail polish I'm wearing is China Glaze -Peachy keen. What do you think?
You can order the one I have here, for £7,50. Stay connected with The Ultimate Fix on facebook or twitter!


Gosia said...

This sounds interesting! Also it's great that it moisturizers the cuticles, it's like two products in one!

Unknown said...

I love quick drying sprays and oils! Other really good ones O found were OPI rapid drops and Avon Quick Dry Spray.

I reviewed the AVON version on my blog if you're interested!


n said...

Interesting. I've considered picking up a quick-dry spray but generally the ones I can find locally have a lot of "smells awful" comments in the reviews.

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