Monday, 27 August 2012

Glitter Gal DuoChrome -Warped teal

Today I'll show you a nail polish from the new Glitter Gal DuoChrome Collection.
It is called Warped Teal and it has more faces, depending on the lightning. It comes 
in a 15ml nicely designed bottle, packed in a little box. It benefits from a very easy
to handle brush and I may say its dry time is acceptable.

I painted my nails two coats of this nail polish and the pictures show its appearance in 
different lightnings. I expected it to be a darker colour, but this one satisfies me, too.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

If you want this nail polish you can find it on their on-line shop for $17.95.

What do you think?


Shannara said...

Looks pretty!

Christina Morris said...

Beautiful! I've been thinking about buying some Glitter Gal polish, and this post convinced me I neeeeed some! :)

adina said...

foarte frumoasa nuanta

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Beautiful color!

-Diana- said...

Pretty color.

Glitter Gal said...

Thanks so much for your great pictures - we just released the new holographics, neons and glitters - thanks Kerry and Anna from Glitter Gal Australia xoxoxox

Janet D. said...

Lovely shade and beautiful pics xx

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