Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Black crackling nail polish from Born Pretty

Today I'll show you a new crackle manicure. I started with two coats of PURE ICE
-French Kiss, a dark blue. Then I applied the black crackling polish from Born Pretty.
 The dry-time of this nail polish is very short and it dries in a matte way, that's why I finished
with a clear top coat, but matte is nice too. It makes very nice crackles and it only costs $5.50 .
 What is more, they ship internationally and it is free. 
And for you - for all that are following mu blog - I have a special 10% discount code to
use on any order on their website: MKAK31 .


Jackie said...

I normally do not like crackle polish, but this is pretty!

Leelo said...

It looks very good!

SAHAR said...

i have ordered some from beauty uk hope to receive them soon

Unknown said...

I usually dont like crackle polish but this is nice!! x

Unknown said...

I like this crackling effect on nails. I have one crackling polish but isn't like this one you use at all!

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