Monday, 15 November 2010

Black and... Red?

Today I'll show you my last creation.
I used a Peggy Sage red as a base coat and then I stamped the design
from m57 image plate.
Using Flormar #399 black, I made an oblique black stripe on each nail and
stamped the design form plate m54.
Using a thin brush, I made a line that separates the black and the red
with SuperStar - Soho Chic nail polish.
Finally, I used the Konad special top coat to finish the manicure.
Here's what I got:

The base color is #051 from Peggy Sage

What do you think about them?

Thanks for passing by!


Trincess said...

great work! =)

Paulina said...

very nice!

Trista said...

nice mani

Maria said...

Tahnks, girls!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Cute! I really like the fishnet stamp at the base of the nail.

Pawssies said...

amazing! so cute!!!

Kimmie said...

Great post! Check out my blog where I recently posted about my review for Milani!

Freshie said...

This turned out so nice!

Kimmie said...

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Janna said...

this is awesome. I wish I had your talent!

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