Thursday, 2 September 2010

Get a free gift from Eyeko!

Hi everyone!
I've just became an Eyeko Ambassador.
Here's a code you may enter when you make an order at

What you have to do?
It's very simple! When finished your shopping just go to Check-out. Fill the adress and then click Continue.
Then, something like this will appear:

You have to write my code exactly where I've written with red.
So that's it! Filling that field means that you'll recive a free gift with your order. There is no limit how many times you can use it.
Isn't that cool?

Go to Eyeko store right now and order for your free gift. Shipping in UK & Europe is free. Also, worldwide shipping is free, too, if you make an order over $55.
More, if you order over $15, this week you get Vintage polish for free!

So don't hesitate to order right now.
Give this code to your all friends and readers. Everyone deserves a free gift from Eyeko!

Did you think I'm done?
No, I'm not. One more thing.
Today one of my followers sent me the link of her first blog and asked me to follow her. She created a little sweet blog, you can visit it here! I think it's really awesome when you create a blog and you get many followers to read your thoughts. So if you like her blog, simply follow her!

Ok, now I'm done! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the code!

Unknown said...

Great news. Thanks for sharing the code.

ArtisticNailArt said...

so you have to buy some from eyeko first or not?

Maria said...

yes, you have to buy a product or more to get your free gift :)

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