Sunday, 29 December 2019

Cat eye magnetic nails

Today I'll show you a very simple soak-off manicure that I created using a magnetic nail polsih from Born Pretty store. 
Here are the exact steps that I followed:
1. I started with Cupio's gel base and cured it for 30 seconds in the led lamp.
2. I used black gel polish (color 71) and cured it for 60 seconds in the led lamp.
3. I applied a coat of Born Pretty's Cat Eye Magnetic gel polish in color 01 and used the flower magnet  on my index and ring fingers. Then I cured it in the led lamp for 60 seconds.
4. I finished with Cupio's gel top coat and cured it in the led lamp for 30 seconds. 

Don’t forget that if you want to order something from Born Pretty you can use my code for a 10% discount: MKAK31.

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Ananka said...

It is pretty. I do like a magnetic :-D

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