Sunday 10 December 2023

Unveiling the Revolution: The Allure of Isee Hair M-Cap Wear Go Glueless Wigs


In the dynamic world of fashion and beauty, trends evolve, and innovation takes center stage. The latest sensation making waves in the wig industry is the M-Cap Glueless Wig – a transformative design that combines convenience, comfort, and style. In this blog post, we delve into the revolutionary features of the M Cap Wear Go Wig, exploring why it has become the go-to choice for wig enthusiasts worldwide.

The Rise of Glueless Wigs:

Traditional wig installation often involved the use of adhesives or glue, which could be messy, time-consuming, and potentially damaging to both the wig and natural hair. The advent of glueless wigs marked a significant shift in the industry, offering a hassle-free alternative that eliminates the need for glue while providing a secure fit. M-Cap Glueless Wigs take this innovation a step further, promising a seamless experience from start to finish.

m cap wear go wig

Isee Hair M-Cap Glueless Wigs: A Closer Look:

1. Big 9x6 Lace Design:

The standout feature of M-Cap Glueless Wigs is their expansive 9x6 lace design. This generous lace size allows for versatile styling, empowering wearers to experiment with different parting styles – be it a deep middle part, a chic side part, or any creative combination. The result is a wig that adapts to your mood and fashion preferences.

2. C-Ear Design:

Mimicking the natural contours of the ear, the C-Ear design sets M-Cap Glueless Wigs apart from conventional options. This thoughtful innovation enhances comfort during wear, creating a more natural look and ensuring a snug fit tailored to the shape of your head. The attention to detail in the C-Ear design elevates the overall user experience.

More Features:

a. 100% Glueless:

Bid farewell to the hassles of glue application. M-Cap Glueless Wigs are designed for a secure fit without the need for any adhesive. Simply wear and go, enjoying the freedom of a glue-free experience without compromising on stability.

b. 100% Virgin Human Hair:

Quality is paramount, and M-Cap Glueless Wigs boast top-tier virgin human hair. The hair is not only thick and healthy but also maintains its natural texture and sheen, providing a luxurious and authentic look.

c. Pre-Everything Convenience:

M-Cap Glueless Wigs redefine convenience with their pre-bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline, and pre cut lace wigs. This all-in-one package allows for a hassle-free and time-saving application process, making these wigs ideal for daily wear.


In the fast-paced world of fashion, where versatility meets convenience, M-Cap Glueless Wigs emerge as a game-changer. The amalgamation of a spacious lace design, innovative C-Ear contours, and a commitment to user-friendly features sets these wigs apart, offering a premium experience for wig enthusiasts. Embrace the freedom of expression, simplify your daily routine, and elevate your style with the revolutionary M-Cap Glueless Wig – because beauty should be effortless.


Wednesday 27 July 2022

Gan mosaic cubes world

What is The Rubik's Cube?

 The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D puzzle that dates back from 1974. It was invented by a Hungarian sculptor and its original name the Magic Cube, because it really is magic. On the original cube has 6 faces that are covered by 9 different coloured stickers. White is opposite to yellow, blue is opposite to green and orange is opposite to red. The cube has an internal pivot mechanism in order for each face to be able to turn independently, mixing the colours. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be turned so as to only have one colour. They are not only toys for kids, they are toys for all ages and the constantly train your mind. 

What are the Gan mosaic cubes?

Over the time, puzzles similar to the Rubik's Cube that been produced and they differ from the original because of their various numbers of sides, stickers or dimensions. Gan mosaic cubes are sets of 6x6, 10x10, 1000x1000 pieces of cubes and basically you can turn almost any image into a gan mosaic cube. You just need some talent and you're done. I think this would be an amazing gift for those passioned of  Rubik's cubes. They are on sale right now and I am just on the way to order some, too!

They have plenty of other things Rubik's Cube related on this site, so check them out. Gan magic snake is another thing that caught my attention. It consists of 11 pieces and it allows you to freely combine them and satisfy your curiosity. It is No. Eleven cube figure and every combination makes it different. 

What do you think about them? Are you passioned about Rubik's cubes? What's your opinion on this new inventions versus the original version? I think I like them both. 

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Wigs in the past and in the present - a fashion item

Over time, wigs have been a fashion item since antiquity. They are definitely not something new, since they've always been in style. Lately I've came across an online wig store that really made me (re)fall in love with wigs and made a little research on the subject.

For example, did you know that in the ancient Egypt both males and females wore wigs? They were made of human hair, wool or vegetable fibers. The material of the wig they wore was corelated with, of course, their social status. So, egyptians used to always shave their hair. The temperatures there were very high, so shaving their hads was something comfortable. Moreover, no hair meant no risk of getting hair lice, which were very common at that time. Still, they wanted to cover their heads with something so they invented wigs. Their purpose was also to protect their scalp from the dangerous UV rays and to prevent sunburns. So they started wearing them on a daily basis and they became an indicator of one's social status - the more elaborate the wig was, the higher their rank in the society.

During the 18th century, people still used to wear wigs. Queen Elizabeth I of England, for example,  was known for her elaborate wigs. All the elite wore them and they had very elaborate hairstyles. 

By the end of the 18th century, many wing creators appeared and they were popular all over Europe. They became so easy to get that they were no longer luxury items - everybody could get one, regardless of their status. 

Today, women still wear them as fashion wigs. Their quality got better and better in time, so that they are really comfortable to wear. Besides from being a fashion item, people also wear them for medical purposes. Some treatments such as chemotherapy or even autoimmune diseases such as alopecia cause hair loss. And there are also the party wigs, which are colourful and fun to wear at all kind of events.

I was telling you about the wigs store that I came across and I saw there such realistic wigs that made me wonder - can you still make the difference between natural hair and wigs nowadays? There are still many people wearing them and I bet you couldn't even notice. Let me show you some examples: 

They are made of human hair and I love the way they look. They also have synthetic wigs for lower prices but in my opinion, natural hair is the best choice. 
What do you think? Have you ever worn a wig or would you like to try them? 

Thursday 24 December 2020

Shape, make you more sexy in sportswear

 Since we know ourselves, we follow some fashion trends, that we are so to speak "got under our skin." There is simply no person on the planet earth who does not want to look beautiful, everyone but each of us wants it, because that is what is potentially striving, because when you are beautiful to yourself, everything else is beautiful and you can do it. That is why the wardrobe is such an important segment in our lives, somehow for whatever occasion we should dress, we strive to look as beautiful as possible, we can all say that we used to spend hours and hours thinking about what we want to wear and that whether a particular combination suits us. So fashion has crept into all styles of dress, and we by no means consider it bad, because there is nothing wrong with always being nicely dressed. This brings us to our topic today. Today we want to present you the opportunity to look quite beautiful and sexy in a sports wardrobe, and we Lover-Beauty and our wholesale sportswear are here to help you with that.

Sportswear is an unavoidable part of today when most people go to some kind of training. In addition to that segment of health, of course, there is always talk about the physical side when someone trains. And when it comes to that physical side, we all want to look our best at all times. For that, there is a sports wardrobe. When we talk about it, today there are so many choices for all types of clothing, including sports. From sports bras, athletic crop tops, through socks, all the way to leggings. The most important thing for all of us when it comes to sportswear is comfort. But there are some other factors that influence the choice of wholesale sportswear. One of them is how it looks to us and whether it emphasizes our figure in the best way.

On our site, you have a wide range of sportswear, from which you can choose what suits you best. What will best emphasize your virtues and hide your flaws? On our site, you can find what will make your figure look sexy.

It's different for everyone, but what they have in common is that you can choose what will thin your waist, lengthen your legs or make your body look firmer. Our sportswear will make your body shine with full radiance and at the same time will provide you with safety and support during training, so you can be safe and relaxed all the time during training. You cab also choose cheap shapewear for women at Lover-Beauty.

Also, you can find a wide range of sizes, so we believe that everyone can find something for themselves regardless of the shape and size of their body. Because everyone is sexy, no matter the size they wear. Comfort is what makes us feel good and confident in our skin, and you will definitely get it with our sports wardrobe. Of course, we also meant men, so on our website, you can find a section with men's sportswear from which you can choose what suits you best and makes you feel good in your skin.

Thursday 8 October 2020

BORN PRETTY 10th Anniversary 10-16th of October


Just a quick note that it's Born Pretty's 10th aniversary going on from the 10th to the 16th of October. There will be many free gifts, flash sales and lower prices during this period.

Go check this out! 

Also visit their instagram page (@bornprettystore) & follow so as to be the first to see the newest updates.

Friday 25 September 2020

Nude nails with feathers

Today I'll show you my nude nails with coloured feather details. I started with two coats of Maybelline Colorama 303, which is my new favourite nude nail polish and then applied some water decals from Born Pretty store. I finished with clear top coat on all nails. Really fast and easy to do and also eye catchy. What do you think?

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Tuesday 22 September 2020

Red nails

Do you remember houndstooth? It feels like it's been such a long time since this pattern was a trend! So I went back in my blog archive and looked for the last houndstooth nail art I've created. It was in 2012 and you can see it here
For this manicure I used Makeup Gallery - Pillar Box Red on all nails except from the accent nail, where I applied two coats of Madam Glam - Snow White. I stamped the houndstooth design from Komad's m63 image plate using black stamping polish from Born Pretty. I finished with Seche Vite top coat for a perfectly sealed design and some extra shine.What do you think?

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