Sunday, 19 January 2020

Cum alegem masa de toaleta perfecta

De cand suntem mici visam sa fim printese, sa avem mese frumoase de toaleta la care sa ne aranjam. Acum am mai crescut si poate ca nu mai visam sa ajungem regine, dar atractia pentru frumos o avem, poate mai mult ca nicioadta. La fel de vie a ramas insa dorinta de a ne realiza machiajul la o masa de toaleta pe care sa avem toate produsele insirate, sa stam asezate pe un scaun confortabil si sa ne privim intr-o oglinda suficient de mare.
Masuta de toaleta este mai mult decat un moft, este coltisorul nostru in care ne relaxam si ne simtim bine, dar si un obiect decorativ care aduce o nota de eleganta in orice dormitor. Mai de mult, acestea erau considerate articole de lux pe care nu si le permitea oricine, insa in ultimul timp au devenit tot mai accesibile. Cele mai atractive ca si raport calitate-pret le-am gasit pe Biano su o sa va arat mai jos cateva dintre preferatele mele. 
Exista multe elemente care trebuie luate in considerare atunci cand alegem masuta perfecta. Trebuie sa alegem caracteristicile de care avem nevoie. Majoirtatea meselor vin impreuna cu o oglinda si un taburet. Apoi trebuie sa ne mai gandim ce anume vrem sa depozitam pe ea si de cate sertare avem nevoie. In functie de acestea vom alege si dimensiunea ei. Un alt lucru important care trebuie luat in considerare este in ce loc din camera dorim sa o pozitionam. Trebuie sa ne facem un plan exact inainte de a o comanda. Lumina naturala este importanta cand ne machiem, dar daca nu avem o camera luminoasa putem alege o oglinda cu lumini incorporate. Nu in ultimul rand trebuie sa ne gandim la stil si la decor. Exista mese vintage si mese simple, minimaliste. Trebuie doar sa descoperim stilul care ni se potriveste.

Prima  masa pe care am ales sa v-o arat este o masa vintage roz, mica. Este potrivita si pentru fete mai mici cat si pentru cele mai mari dintre noi, intrucat rozul este pata de culoare ce va inveseli pana si cea mai mohorata zi. 

De la aceasta am trecut la ceva mai clasic - negrul care nu da gres niciodata. Aceasta are 3 oglinzi mobile pentru a ne putea vedea din mai multe unghiuri. Este o masa mai mare, cu mai multe sertare. Este o piesa vintage care nu moare niciodata. 

Aici avem o piesa minimalista, patratoasa. Liniile drepte fac din aceasta un accesoriu elegant. Este practica - are 5 sertare mari si 3 rafturi. 

Urmeaza o piesa pentru pasionatii de mobila veche. Masa de toaleta din lemn Louise de Boyer combina un design unic, eleganta inseparabila si practicabilitate confortabilă. Dispune de cinci sertare mari.

Am lasat piesa de rezistenta la final - preferata mea este masa de toalea fermecatoare Charlotte Savoy in stil franțuzesc rafinat si design crem. Oglinda sa rotundă permite frumusetii sa exceleze, sertarul si dulapurile spatioase ofera spatiu suficient pentru cosmetice si accesorii. De asemenea, include un taburet elegant pentru un confort maxim.

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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Cat eye magnetic nails

Today I'll show you a very simple soak-off manicure that I created using a magnetic nail polsih from Born Pretty store. 
Here are the exact steps that I followed:
1. I started with Cupio's gel base and cured it for 30 seconds in the led lamp.
2. I used black gel polish (color 71) and cured it for 60 seconds in the led lamp.
3. I applied a coat of Born Pretty's Cat Eye Magnetic gel polish in color 01 and used the flower magnet  on my index and ring fingers. Then I cured it in the led lamp for 60 seconds.
4. I finished with Cupio's gel top coat and cured it in the led lamp for 30 seconds. 

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Sunday, 15 December 2019

Ugly sweater inspired nails

Today I'll show you my new Christmas soak off manicure inspired by the popular ugly sweaters. I simply love those, so I decided to put them on my nails, too! 
I created this soak off manicure using Polish to Gel Transformer from Sensationails and I mixed it with Essence - 180 It's raining men. This is an amazing invention that helps you transform any regular nail polish into gel polish. The recipe is simple: you have to mix the equal number of drops of both the regular polish and the transformer in the small mixing pot that comes from Sensationails. I cured it for 60 seconds at the led lamp just to be sure. It was the first time using it and I was amased. It works perfectly! 
Of course, I applied gel base coat before and gel top coat from Cupio after for a full soak off manicure. I stamped the designs from Born Pretty's Christmas stamping plate L007 using Kaleidoscope white stamping polish.
What do you think?

Don’t forget that if you want to order something from Born Pretty you can use my code for a 10% discount: MKAK31.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Stamping soak off manicure

Today I'll show you another soak off manicure that I created using Born Pretty products. I started with Gel Base Coat from Cupio which I cured for 30 second at the led lamp. Then, as a colour coat, I applied Born Pretty's Purple fantasy. I cured each coat for 60 seconds at the led lamp as the soak off polishes from Born Pretty usually need more time cu cure perfectly. Then I stamped some designs from BP-77 stamping plate using white stamping nail polish and Summer mints from their Warm tea series. I finished with Gel Top Coat from Cupio. What do you think?

Don’t forget that if you want to order something from Born Pretty you can use my code for a 10% discount: MKAK31.

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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Stiletto red nails

Today I'll show you a something you can never go wrong with, a classic and elegant red manicure. This is a soak off nail art and I starded with a gel base coat from Cupio. I used Born Pretty's Dream of Falling Flowers from their Red Series as a color coat. I cured the color coats for 60 seconds and the led lamp, as recommended on the bottle. On the accent nail I created a black stripe so that made me decide to call this manicure "stiletto nail art". I finished with Cupio's gel top coat. What do you think?

Don’t forget that if you want to order something from Born Pretty you can use my code for a 10% discount: MKAK31.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Waist trainers for weight loss

Do you wish for a six-pack or at least a flat tummy? Then I'm here to show you the
best waist trainers for weight loss. Your first question might be how these things work. It's pretty easy actually, you just have to wear it for as long as it's possible and if you want quicker results, you should also exercise wearing it. You will sweat in the abdominal area and this way you will burn some fat. During exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape.
The first one that I'm going to show you is adjustable. It has 3 rows of thicked square hooks so you can try different levels of compression. The 25 steel bones keep you in the best posture which is flexible and durable and can bend easily but recover quickly to the initial position. The high elastic and the 100% latex provide more pressure on your abdomen and rises the temperature to burn fat better. This one is best for reshaping post-pregnancy. It is suitable for wearing all day long and improves your posture for an elegant look. It's definitely made for curves.

There are also plus size waist trainers. This one has a front zipper that keeps a tight fit around your waist to achieve long lasting waist cinching effect. It is also made of latex which helps with the waist sculpting and shaping. The extra elastic sticker straps easily adjust and secure the belt, making sure that it is fastened tightly around the abs.
You can find many more waist belts on Loverbeaut, so make sure to check out their website. They're of a real help in the fight with weight loss.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Animal print soak off gel nails

Today I'll show you a new soak off gel manicure. For this one, I started with Cupio To Go Gel Base Coat. Then, I painted diagonally the brown colour coat from Born Pretty Cafe Series - BP-C11 Cafe au lait. On the accent nail, I replaced the colour coat with a glitter brown from Cupio, called Serenity. Then I stamped the animal print design from Konad's m57 stamping plate diagonally, using black stamping nail polish from Born Pretty. I finished with Cupio To Go Gel Top Coat. In between all the gel coats, I cured them for 30 seconds at the led lamp. This is the final result. What do you think?

Don’t forget that if you want to order something from Born Pretty you can use my code for a 10% discount: MKAK31.

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