Friday, 7 June 2019

Why do new glasses give me a headache?

Quite a few persons who wear glasses are very astonished: Why do I have a feeling of nausea, dizziness and headache when I wear my newly-purchased prescription glasses? As the glasses have problems, if they are not corrected in time, when our eyes adapt to the new defective glasses, it means that a harm has been done to our eyes. Then, why do I have a feeling of headache and nausea while wearing my new glasses? How to alleviate the headache caused by glasses?

Reason for headache caused by glasses and method for alleviating the headache:
1. Adaption to new prescription
When you buy new prescription glasses, the oculist may remind you that new glasses give you a headache, nausea even with correct prescription. The reason is that your eyes need a certain period to adapt to the new prescription. It means new glasses adjustment period called by oculist. How long do eyes take to adjust to new glasses? Usually, it takes 1-2 days for your eyes to be used to the new glasses. If you still have a headache after 2 days, it is may be caused by your wrong prescription. A common mistake may lie in wrong measurement of pupillary distance. How to measure the pupillary distance in a correct way? Please refer to the tutorial: How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance? In case of significant change in prescription or change of progressive lens, it will take 1-2 weeks for you to adjust the eyes. If you still have a headache after more than two weeks, it means your prescription is wrong. In this case, you need to make another optometry or seek help from another optometrist. 
Note: Eye fatigue, temporary visual distortion and blurred vision may occur during your adaptation to new glasses. It is a normal phenomenon. These conditions will disappear within 2 or 3 days. For blurred vision problem, please refer to the tutorial: What is blurred vision and how to cure it?
2. Different styles of glasses frame
3. Eye fatigue
4. Headache with glasses wearing for the first time
If it is the first time for you to wear your glasses, your oculist may remind you that you need to take a period to adapt to your new glasses, and you may experience headache, nausea or fatigue in the first few days. Some people may also experience mild dizziness or sensitivity, but such a condition usually occur in the first few days. In addition, your ears, nose and temple must be used to the new device, especially when you wear glasses for the first time. You can try to wear glasses for several hours at a time in the first week to help alleviate your discomfort.
5. New lens material
6. Dry eye syndrome and headache
How to adapt to new glasses?
Method 1:
Ask your optician to adjust and optimize the fitting before you go home with your new glasses. Fine tuning can help you eliminate common discomforts arisen from new glasses, including adapting to your nose and ear back.
Method 2:
How long does it take for your eyes to adapt to the new glasses? If you have monovision lenses, only with correct reading vision or distance, it may take 1-2 days for your eyes to adapt to the new glasses. However, it may take longer time for you to adapt to multi-view lenses, such as bifocal lenses, triple-focus lenses or progressive lenses.
Method 3:
When wearing new glasses, if you have a headache, itchy or painful eyes, or dizziness, please take off the glasses until the symptoms disappear.
Method 4:
Don't put on the old glasses, so you can easily adapt to the prescription of the new glasses. The bent frame or scratched lenses will make the adjustment period more challenging.
Generally, wearing glasses should be comfortable, and it shall not take a long time for adapting to new lenses. In case of discomfort, blurred vision, headache or dizziness last more than two weeks, please seek advice from your optometrist.
Different styles of glasses frame
Shifting from a rectangular frame to a round frame, or vice versa, or from a larger frame to a smaller one, such a circumstance is called the headache from glasses frames. Your eyes may need some time to adapt to the new frame. Even if the new frame does not affect your vision, it will take several days for them to adjust their perception of your face. If you buy a frame with incorrect size, you need to adjust the frame so that you can wear it in a more comfortable way.Eye fatigue
Eye fatigue tends to cause headaches. Moreover, eye fatigue is usually not accompanied by nausea or vomit. After long time of reading or sitting in front of the computer, crystalline lens have to adjust (adapt) frequently for seeing clearly. After a few hours, the eye fatigue will occur, leading to headache. In this case, you should take off your glasses, close your eyes for a rest or look into the distance. Ensure the blood of your eyes to be smoothly flowing.
New lens material
If you buy new glasses with lens material different from old one, new lenses such as polarization, photochromism or blue blocking lens technology may take some time to adapt for new lens adopting polaroid, phototropy or blue blocking lens technologies.dry eyes headache
In case of dye eye syndrome, your eyes may not adapt to the new prescription glasses and is likely to cause a headache. Dry eyes will make you more sensitive to light, causing you to squint, while continuous squinting may lead to muscle tension headache. As a rule, when you feel tired with your eyes, you must take care to have a rest. The best way to rest and adjust is to gaze into the distance, look out of the window, go to the balcony to overlook the distant sight, and view green plants, which is very helpful for relieving the eye fatigue and making an adjustment.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Personalized name necklace

I think we all remember the very popular gold "Carrie" necklace from Sex and the city and I think that at one point, we all wished for a necklace engraved with our name. It's true, the "Carrie" necklace is a statement. Sarah Jessica Parker revealed at some point that she still has Carrie Bradshaw's most prized possession and that she values it very much as it reminds her of the days in New York with Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. 
Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals She Still Has Carrie Bradshaw's Most Prized Possession

I was reminded of this beautiul piece of jewelry as I came across a website selling personalized rings, necklaces and bracelets. And of course, the first thing that caught my attention was the classic name necklace. You can have it personalized either in sterling silver or plated with 18k gold, both at reasonable prices. Visit here if you want to see it for yourself.

Something else that I saw and found interesting were the family birthstone necklaces. They look really cute and I think they would make great gifts for your loved ones. They are colourful and you can engrave all your loved ones on the necklace. Practically, you design the necklace as you wish. It's all in your hands. Similarly, there are some bracelets with the same concept. 

Something really creative is this Cute Personalized Mother's Necklace. It's with little baby feet and you can write a name on each of them. This is a great memory of your children since they were babies. 

You can check out for more beautiful designs. Their prices are reasonable and they offer free express shipping for orders over $150. Also, they have a 99 days return policy if you aren't happy with your order. Possibilities are endless - you name it, they make it.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Red and white stamping nail art

Today I'll show you another Christmassy manicure and for this one I chose the classic Christmas colours, red and white. I started with two coats of Melkior - Art Red and then I stamped the ribbon and the snowflake from Konad's m59 image plate. I finished with clear top coat for some extra shine and protection. Simple as that, what do you think? 

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Monday, 24 December 2018

Christmas nail art

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I wanted to quickly show you the manicure I'm going to wear for the holidays. I decided to go for green nails this year and for this I applied two coats of Avon - Noir Emerald. Then I took out all my collection of studs and rhinestones and combined them all so as to create some Christmas ornaments. I sealed them in using Seche Vite top coat. What do you think? What are you wearing on your nails this Christmas?

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

OPI The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - Snowflakes manicure

Today I'll show you a manicure that I created using two nail polishes from the OPI's new collection The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: March in uniform and Tinker, Thinker, Winker. I started with two coats of the dark blue and one coat of the holographic top coat. As you can see, a single coat added a lot of holo particles on my nails, it's really intense. Then I stamped the snowflakes from Born Pretty's Christmas L002 stamping plate using special stamping nail polish in the shade Pure. I finished with Seche Vite top coat for some extra shine. What do you think?

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Snowflakes nail art

Today I'll show you my first winter themed nail art that I created this year. I used my favourite blue nail polish, Essence - 180 It's raining men. Above it I added some holographic top coat only on the tips of the nails. I stamped the snowflakes from Born Pretty's Christmas series staming plate L002 using white stamping polish from the same brand (shade Pure). I finished with Seche Vite top coat. What do you think?

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Sparkly nails

Today I'll show you a sparkly manicure I easily created using Born Pretty nail art products. I started with two coats of basic black nail lacquer on all nails except from the accent nails. Above that, I applied some holographic top coat using a thin nail art brush, so as to create some thin lines decending from the base of the nails. I painted my accent in a nude colour and added some rhinestones. I finished with Seche Vite top coat on all nails. What do you think?

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