Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sweet pink nail art

As we didn't have much snow this winter, I decided to bring some on my nails. It's still cold and January so I think this manicure is suitable for the moment. I'm definitely a winter person and I love everything about it - even the cold weather - so I think I could wear a snowflake on my nails almost anytime. 
For this manicure, I used El Corazon - Matte Effect 111 (pink) as a base colour. Then I added some ILNP - My Private Rainbow (L+S) for the subtle holographic effect. I stamped the snowflake design on my ring finger from Konad's m59 stamping plate using white stamping nail polish. I added a white pearl in the middle of it to make it even more delicate and elegant. I think that pearls will be a huge part of 2018's nail art trends because why wouldn't they? They already are present on every fashion item and I don't think nails will make an exception. And this can only make me happy because I've loved pearls since forever. I finised my manicure with Seche Vite top coat for some extra shine and protection.
What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion on this new pearl trend!

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Friday, 12 January 2018

What do you need for the perfect gel manicure at home?

We all see those beautiful gel nails everywhere and I'll tell you what exactly do you need to create them at home. You'll need practice and a little patience and you can learn everything from Youtube tutorials. Just remember that the key to beautiful nails is practice (a lot of practice actually).
So what do you need?
1. The first thing you need is a LED lamp to cure the nails in between the steps. 
2. Nail files to prepare your nails and also for removing the gel.
3. Wooden sticks for pushing back the cuticles.
4. Gel primer - you need to apply this after you filed the surface of the nails and removed the shiny layer. You'll apply it when the nails are dull and it will add a sticky layer on the nails. You don't need to cure this in the lamp. 
5. Gel base coat - apply a thin layer of this and try not to touch the cuticles at all. Cure it in the lamp.
6. Now it's time to apply the gel nail polish colour. Normally, you'll need to apply two coats of it and cure it in the lamp after each coat. This is the fun part because you can choose any colour that you like or you could play with the colours. The possibilities are endless. 
I found some really nice colours on Pink Gellac. I'll share below some of my favourites. 

7. The final step is gel top coat. You can go for matte or shiny finish. It also needs curing in the lamp. Now it's the moment when you can play with nail accessories such as studs, rhinestones, 3D decorations or anything else that you have in mind. You can apply it on the wet top coat, before curing it and eventually you can add an extra coat after that for sealing them in. 

And that's about everything. It doesn't look so hard, does it?
If you don't know where to buy your supplied from, I've recently discovered a website selling nail care products & nail accessories for gel manicures and they have plenty of nice options. Prices are also accessible and they ship almost anywhere in  the world. Check them out! 

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Sweet pink and green tropical manicure

Today I felt the need to paint my nails in something more colourful, more joyful or even something tropical and I remembered that I saw this cute pink palm trees pijama from ASOS a few days ago and decided that it was going to be my inspiration. I started with a base coat and then applied two coats of Rimmel - Sweet retreat. Then I stamped the leaves design from MoYou Nails Tropical 12 stamping plate using Konad's green stamping nail polish. I finished with Seche Vite top coat for some extra shine. What do you think?

My inspiration:

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

White and nude gradient nails

Today I'll show you the first manicure I made in 2018. I decided to go for something simple, yet eye-catchy, so I decided to start with a nude base colour. I applied two coats of Rimmel - Princess Pink and then created a snow effect gradient using a sponge with the nude polish and Madam Glam - Snow white. On the accent nail, I applied only clear rhinestones on the entire nail. I stuck them using clear top coat and at the end, I applied another coat of it to seal them in. I used Seche Vite top coat for some extra shine on all nails. What do you think? Would you wear this manicure? 

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Is it safe to paint your nails while pregnant?

What about painting your nails while pregnant? I get asked this question a lot so I did some research. There are plenty of myths about pregnancy and different aspects and painting their nails is something all the future mothers question.

The answer is yes, it's totally ok to paint your nails with regular nail polish during pregnancy. However, you might want to stick to painting your nails yourself and stop using gel nails, especially in the first trimester.
Keep in mind that acrylic paint is safer to use during pregnancy than nail art gel! However, none of them is recommended in the first trimester. 

Doing your nails at the salons is dangerous because there are fumes that evaporate from the different substances they use there and they are toxic for the baby.

You can restart doing your nails with gel only after the half of the second trimester and only if you respect some conditions:
1. Make sure that the salon is well ventilated. There should be a ventilation system just above the working table.
2. Always ask your technician if the products they use are safe for pregnant women.

If you want to be 100% sure that nothing can affect the baby, an alternative would be using water based nail polish. This is a kind of nail polish which is usually safe to use by young girls. This type of paint is unlikely to penetrate the skin and they have less chemicals in their composition.

During my online research, I came across Check pregnancy, a website that covers a large area of subjects which are related to pregnancy and motherhood. 
On their website, I also came across an article about how to style boys' hair and found it really interesting and fun to try for the talented mothers. Check out their website, you will find plenty of good articles there!