Monday, 19 November 2018

Circle contact lenses

We all feel like we need a little change from time to time. What should it be? A new hair colour? Or maybe a new haircut? But maybe we aren't brave enough to do this or maybe we only want a temporarry change. Then we can go for coloured contact lenses! 
Today I decided to present you the circle contact lenses. But first of all, what
 are circle lenses? They are extra-wide contact lenses that make eyes appear larger when worn. The main reason why normal contact lenses appear smaller than circle lenses is because the tint on normal lenses only cover the iris of the eye, while circle lenses have an extra-wide tint around the outer rim of the lens (this area is usually transparent on normal contact lenses). 

Is it hard putting them on?
I've been wearing contact lenses for almost 10 years and I can tell you for sure that it isn't once you get used to them. Of course, you might need to practice a little at the begining, but isn't it the same with applying eyeliner or make-up?
There are a few easy steps you should follow:
1. Make sure your hands are clean! That means that you've just washed and dried them and didn't touch anything else except for the lenses. 
2. Place the lens on your index finger. 
3. Use the thumb and index of the opposite hand to open the eye. 
4. Move the lens towards your eye and place it on the eye with the bottom of the lens touching the eye before the top part of the lens. 
5. Blink a few times to adjust the lens.

But what colour should you choose?
 For a bold, dramatic and confident look, you may want to choose a colour that is eye-catchy. For example, you could choose bright colours if you have dark skin or if you are very courageous, you could go for purple, yellow or very light gray. 
 For a more conservative look, you may want to choose colour that only creates a subtle change in your look, so that people can tell that there is a difference, but they can't tell exactly what it is. You could go for hazael, natural green or blue.  

I've recently came across, a website selling circle contact lenses. See their Angel Series and World Series for some beautiful designs.


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