Monday, 1 January 2018

Is it safe to paint your nails while pregnant?

What about painting your nails while pregnant? I get asked this question a lot so I did some research. There are plenty of myths about pregnancy and different aspects and painting their nails is something all the future mothers question.

The answer is yes, it's totally ok to paint your nails with regular nail polish during pregnancy. However, you might want to stick to painting your nails yourself and stop using gel nails, especially in the first trimester.
Keep in mind that acrylic paint is safer to use during pregnancy than nail art gel! However, none of them is recommended in the first trimester. 

Doing your nails at the salons is dangerous because there are fumes that evaporate from the different substances they use there and they are toxic for the baby.

You can restart doing your nails with gel only after the half of the second trimester and only if you respect some conditions:
1. Make sure that the salon is well ventilated. There should be a ventilation system just above the working table.
2. Always ask your technician if the products they use are safe for pregnant women.

If you want to be 100% sure that nothing can affect the baby, an alternative would be using water based nail polish. This is a kind of nail polish which is usually safe to use by young girls. This type of paint is unlikely to penetrate the skin and they have less chemicals in their composition.

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