Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ordering online dresses

Did you ever ordered clothes online? What about dresses? There's a website I've been looking on for a while and has beautiful prom dresses as well as evening dresses for sale. They look really cute in the pictures. I've already ordered form them a gorgeous ring which I showed you in the previous post and the dresses stirred my interest, too. Here are some that I like:

I also saw that they have cheap bridal gowns , maybe some of you will be interested.
What do you think?


tina said...

love dresses

Lisa Robinson said...

Love that purple dress, looks sooo gorgeous.

Pheepo said...

So pretty.. xD
I have ordered online shop too.. but they don't sell any dress ><
just sell tops, pants, and jacket :)

anyway..i really fell in love with the 4th pic..very lovely and cute dress :D
so what dress did u bought? xD
Those wedding dress were all great! i really wish i'll married sooner :p

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